Abbott, Tony

Postcard by Tony AbbottPostcard 2008
From Booklist Abbott, author of Firegirl (2007)and theDroon series,sets no easy task for himselfwith thisbook, which contains a mystery within a mystery. Thirteen-year-old Jason isheading toSt. Petersburgto help clean out the house of a deceased grandmother whom he’s never met. As soon as he arrives, mystery meets him.Who are those odd people atthe funeral? And what about thestrange phonecall that leads him toa tinted postcard of a Florida landmark about to be demolished?ThepostcardpointsJason to several old manuscripts that tell the story of his grandparents’ romance. Or do they? Abbott plays with style as he alternatesbetween the contemporary mystery of finding the manuscripts with the manuscripts themselves, written in a hard-boiled detective style. The result is sometimes too convoluted,but the book is so enticing that readers willgo along even when the going is rough. Jason (paired nicely with a neighbor girl as sidekick) is a hero worth rooting for. Kudos, too,to the book’s designer, whose use of old postcards heightens the appeal. Grades 6-9.

Tony Abbott

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