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Everglades an Ecosystem Facing Choices and Challenges (2008)
The Everglades is like no other place in the world. Its shallow, slowly flowing waters create an ecosystem of mysterious beauty with a great diversity of plant and animal life. This book documents the beauty of the Everglades for young readers in text and color photos.

But the Everglades ecosystem is in trouble, and it is all about the water. People have ditched, diked, diverted, and drained the water. Plant and animal populations are declining at an alarming rate. The quality of life for people in south Florida is also at risk. Destroy the Everglades destroy the water system of south Florida.

Can we save the Everglades? Reverse the environmental abuse? Protect the aquifers that hold the water underground? No one really knows. The most recent effort, the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP)--the largest environmental restoration plan ever undertaken on Earth--has gained global attention. The massive plan, which is expected to take at least 35 years to complete and cost many billions of dollars, covers an 18,000-square-mile area and requires many groups to work together.

Can CERP save the Everglades and south Florida? You can decide for yourself after reading this book.

One thing you will learn for sure: The Everglades is worth saving.

Ages 11-14.

Ake, Anne - Florida Authors

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