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Luanne Fogarty Mystery Series

Dive Deep and Deadly Dive Deep and Deadly (2000)
Review by Mark Baker
Luanne Fogarty is enjoying her time off from teaching by rebuilding her family home deep in the swamps of Florida when her occasional job diving for the police gets her involved in a mystery. She finds a body tied to an underwater cave, but the next morning, it’s gone. Exploring a second cave, she finds a second body. Is there a connection? And if so, what is it? And who is the unidentified first woman and where is her body? This is a wonderful debut book. The plot develops nicely, and the characters are interesting as well. The real star here is the setting. Ms. Alam is able to bring the swamp to life using all five senses in a way that places you right there without overshadowing the characters or story. I was completely drawn into this world, enjoying every minute of it.

I highly recommend this entertaining mystery and am looking forward to the second book in this series.
Deep Water Death Deep Water Death (2001)
Review by Mark Baker
A Return to Florida’s Dangerous Waterways
Scuba diver Luanne Fogarty is trying to locate the owner of a remote piece of land when she stumbles on a pregnant mother giving birth. When the two midwives leave with the baby, she gets involved trying to track down the trio. Where did they go? And is the baby still alive? When a realtor dies in a mysterious accident, Luanne realizes there is much more at stake. Can she stay alive long enough to find the answers?

This follow up to last year’s Dive Deep and Deadly is just as much fun as its predecessor. The plot and characters are well developed, and the author’s sense of place is very well defined. Using all five senses effectively, Ms. Alam manages to place the reader in Florida and Georgia right along with the characters.

I highly recommend both books in this series. They are a real treat for the mystery lover.
River Whispers River Whispers (2002) Maebelle Pope, a long-time city dweller, returns to the north Florida country, where she was raised, to keep a promise to her beloved grandmother by scattering her ashes along the river she loved, and along which Maebelle was raised. River Whispers chronicles her solitary boat journey through the wilderness, during which she finds companionship, falls into mortal danger, and recalls a long-forgotten violent death. The tall tales of river life she heard as a child come back to haunt her as she slowly recognizes the awful truth of her grandmother’s life.
Cold Water Corpse Cold Water Corpse (2003)
Review by Mark Baker
Tracking a Cold Blooded Killer
Luanne and Pasquin are on their way to pick up alligator meat for the sheriff department’s booth at the local fair when they discover a woman’s body floating in the shallows. The coroner makes the connection with several other murders in various locations, including a skeleton that Luanne found while working another case two years earlier. Then a traveling carnival worker in the area for the fair is found murdered in the same manner. What was his connection with the women killed? Why did the killer change his or her pattern? Will Luanne figure out the answer before the fair leaves town?

This is the third Luanne Fogarty mystery, and it’s just as great as the others. The characters have grown and continue to develop in this story. I’m very interested to see where the author goes with a couple characters. And I loved watching Tony fight his pride whenever Luanne provided a good direction to go.

The story moved along well with a couple sub-plots weaved expertly throughout. And the writing is still top notch. This book is set during the beginnings of winter, and Ms. Alam expertly brings the changing warm and cold weather and the changes to the swamps to life.

This series is wonderful. The mysteries are intriguing and the writing is outstanding. I just finished this book and already I can’t wait for the next. Don’t miss out.
Bilge Water Bones Bilge Water Bones (2004)
Review by Mark Baker
No Bones About It, This is Another Great Read
Tommy Hanover, teenage son of a rich family has gone missing after a boating accident. While searching for his body, Luanne finds a skeleton with a third eye in a sunken boat. Trying to identify the bones leads Luanne to a mysterious graduate student. What is he up to in the swamp? Who belonged to the bones? And will they ever find Tommy?

I’ve been looking forward to this book because Glynn always weaves a great tale with wonderful writing. I was not disappointed. As always, the writing is atmospheric, and I felt like I was diving in the springs right beside Luanne. I’ve grown to love the characters, and it’s always nice to spend more time with them. I especially enjoyed the sub-plot of Harry trying to get comfortable with diving again. That’s been a multi-book arc that has enriched the series. And you’ve got to love Pasquin, Luanne’s swamp neighbor. The plot seemed to slow down in the second quarter, but picked up again at the half way point and kept moving until the end.

This series combines mysteries, diving, great characters, and captivating writing. Each book in this series should be savored.
High Water Hellion by Glynn Marsh Alam High Water Hellion (2006)
Review by Dawn Goldsmith
Glynn Marsh Alam captures perfectly the steamy, shrouded northern Florida swamps in her first four books of this series. In this installment she sets professor and scuba diver Luanne Fogarty near Central Florida’s city of Ocala during hurricane and alligator mating seasons while continuing to paint a death-perfect tropical landscape.

There, as a personal favor to enigmatic friend Tony Amado, sheriff’s detective and sometimes boss, Luanne helps him search for clues to his aunt’s death. The love-starved alligators are not the only predators surrounding his aunt’s little lake-front cottage, but who killed her? Was it the reclusive, well-fed New Jersey family who had clandestine deliveries? Or maybe the handy man who showed up at the oddest times with his brain-damaged and abused sister in tow? Or maybe it is the wealthy old man and his land-grabbing son down the road? Whoever it is serves up another neighbor to the alligators before Luanne and Tony have gotten very far into their investigation.

The author serves up clues and red herrings while giving long time readers a tasty tidbit or two into the life of Tony Amado. Her lover Vernon comes to assist and Luanne’s best friend and swamp neighbor Pasquin offers his expertise in swamp psychology and Cajun cooking.

You can almost hear the mosquitos buzzing and the alligators bellowing from the pages of Alam’s fifth book of her delightfully deadly series.
Green Water Ghost: A Luanne Fogarty Mystery Green Water Ghost (2007) Green Water Ghost is the sixth in the Luanne Fogarty series of spine-tingling swamp noir mysteries set in the springs and underwater caves of northern Florida where Luanne, a linguistics professor, serves as adjunct scuba diver for the sheriff’s department. It’s Halloween in the north Florida woods and Luanne Fogarty finds brand-new bones along with the old in an abandoned slave graveyard. An antebellum discord simmers into the present day and Luanne’s college students are up to ghoulish tricks. She dives in slime-covered ponds and navigates folk legends with the help of forensics. The Southern past rarely stays buried long in the swamp. "Glynn Marsh Alam presents a side of Florida few tourists see: a dark place where everyone has secrets. The physical picture she paints is so realistic, readers’ hair will frizz up or go limp in the humidity, and they’ll get a creepy-crawly feeling from her description of the creatures that inhabit the area. Luanne Fogarty is a great heroine… gutsy with a soft side… and the secondary characters most intriguing,. I particularly liked Pasquin, Luanne’s neighbor, who wants her to hurry up and marry Vernon, her current love interest and fellow diver."
— Diana Vickery, Mystery Scene
Alam, Glynn Marsh - Florida Authors Moon Water Madness (Spring 2009)
In the seventh Luanne Fogarty North Florida mystery, our favorite adjunct diver finds herself in over her head when a tough, lonely little girl asks for help solving an old family mystery on an isolated island teeming with snakes, secrets, Spanish moss, and murder.

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