Allen, Preston L.

Cover Image Hoochie Mama (2001)
All that homicide detective M Gantry needs in order to solve the most gruesome murders in Miami history is the answer to a simple question. Who is the cigarette smoker? Who is the serial killer leaving the half-smoked Camels butts at the scene of each crime?

The problem is the vicious killer might be linked to her own murky past, and her future.

Bounce Bounce (2003)
Welcome to the bright red bouncing-ball world of Cindique Sanders-Lassiter in this slick, sleak, sexy tale from the undisputed master of literary erotica, Preston L. Allen.

Cindique is in love with Roderick Redd, the cutest phone pro at McDarc Inc., but can she save him from the clutches of their boss, Groan of Dark? In the meantime, Cindique herself is being pursued by the violent wildman with the pretty, pretty shoes, who still holds the key to her apartment and her heart.
Bounce is rejection and reversal. Bounce is making love to words. Bounce is the one who'll always be there for you. Bounce is the day he fails to show up. Bounce is the ball, which like our heart, is made of rubber so we scarcely feel it when we hit the wall over and over again.
Allen, Preston L. - Florida Authors Come with Me Sheba (2004)
Sheba Mathis seems to have it all. A handsome fiancé and a successful business in an upscale Miami mall. But all is not as it seems. Sheba's fiancé is anything but faithful. Worse yet, he scarcely conceals his contempt for her poetry (in her notebooks and in her heart).

Along comes the lowly Sol, who dares to woo the beautiful but sad businesswoman by reciting her own poetry to her. When her fiancé finds out, he uses his influence to get Sol fired from his job as a mall security guard.
Much to everyone's surprise, Sol returns the next day as the manager of the shoe store across from Sheba's shop and begins to charm her again. And again, her fiancé gets him fired.
When Sol returns a few days later, as manager of the blue jeans store, Sheba is definitely intrigued. He is handsome, intelligent, and persistent. But the mysterious air around him makes her cautious.
What is his connection to the rich entrepreneur Michael Montel? To the street thug Lethal Coon? How does he know so much about her? How can he recite poems she has never shown him--poems she has never shown anyone?
"Come with me, Sheba," Sol invites. "Come to my world for just one night, and you shall have all your answers."
Sheba accepts. And the trouble begins.

General Fiction
Allen, Preston L. - Florida Authors All or Nothing (2007)
From Publishers Weekly
Allen's dark and insightful novel depicts narrator P's sobering descent into his gambling addiction. P, a Miami native, is a school bus driver and desperate gambler who spends his nights (and many of his days) in south Florida casinos. Both a surprisingly likable and an often despicable character, P is a perpetual loser with a $1,000-a-day habit who lies to his wife and scrounges in the seats of his bus looking for loose change the kids left behind. He takes the small amounts of cash that his destitute, dying mother offers him to support his obsession. P knows he's sick, but he doesn't want any help; he lusts for the next big score. Finally, his luck begins to change, transforming him from a broke degenerate into a legendary professional gambler in a signature black cowboy hat. The well-written novel takes the reader on a chaotic ride as P chases, finds and loses fast, easy money. Allen (Churchboysand Other Sinners) reveals how addiction annihilates its victims and shows that winning isn't always so different from losing. (Nov.)
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