Angela Elwell Hunt

Angela HuntWebsite: Angela Elwell Hunt
Birthplace: Winter Haven, FL
Current Residence: Seminole, Florida
Genre: Christian fiction, Historical fiction, Young Adult fiction, Juvenile fiction

Angela Hunt (1957 - ) has had a versatile career as a writer exploring both fiction and non-fiction, children and adult, as well as historical and contemporary. Regardless of the setting or the audience, Hunt's faith has influenced all of her work and earned her several awards including the Christy Award for excellence in Christian fiction and eight Angel Awards for quality family-oriented media. Hunt was born and raised in Florida and currently lives in Seminole with her husband, Gary.

Fine Art of Insincerity by Angela HuntLet Darkness Come by Angela HuntShe's in a Better Place by Angela HuntShe Always Wore Red by Angela Hunt

Book List

Fine Art of Insincerity (2011)
Let Darkness Come (2009)

Fairlawn Series
She's In A Better Place (2009)

She Always Wore Red (2008)

Doesn't She Look Natural (2007)

Women of Faith Series
Debt (2004)
Pearl (2003)
The Note (2001)
Time to Dance (2001)

Colonial Captives Series
Kimberly and the Captives (1996)
The Deadly Chase (1996)

Legacies of the Ancient River Series
Dreamers, Bethany House (1996)
Brothers, Bethany House (1997)

Journey, Bethany House (1997)

Theyn Chronicles Series
Afton of Margate Castle (1993)

The Troubadour's Quest (1994)
Ingram of the Irish (1995)

Heirs Of Cahira O'Connor Series
The Silver Sword (1998)
The Golden Cross (1998)
The Velvet Shadow (1999)
The Emerald Isle (1999)

Keepers of the Ring Series

Roanoke: The Lost Colony (1996)
Jamestown (1996)
Hartford (1996)
Reheboth (1997)

Charles Towne (1998)

Heavenly Daze Series With Lori Copeland
The Island of Heavenly Daze (2000)
Grace in Autumn (2001)
A Warmth in Winter (2002)
A Perfect Love (2002)
Hearts at Home (2003)

Young Adult
The Cassie Perkins Series

The Glory of Love, 1993

The Chance of a Lifetime, 1993

Star Light, Star Bright, 1993

The Much-Adored Sandy Shore, 1992

A Dream to Cherish, 1992

Love Burning Bright, 1992

No More Broken Promises, 1991

A Basket of Roses, 1991

A Forever Friend, 1991

Nicky Holland Series (Mystery)
The Case of the Mystery Mark (1991)

The Case of the Phantom Friend (1991)
The Case of the Teenage Terminator (1991)
The Case of the Terrified Track Star (1992)
The Case of the Counterfeit Cash (1992)
The Case of the Haunting of Lowell Lanes (1992)

The Case of the Birthday Bracelet (1993)

The Secret of Cravenhill Castle (1993)

The Riddle of Baby Rosalind (1993)

Young Believers Series With Stephen Arterburn
Josiah (2004)
Liane (2004)
Noah (2004)
Paige (2004)
Shane (2004)
Taz (2004)

Sleeping Rose (1998)
Kimberly and the Captives (1996)
When Your Parents Pull Apart (1995)
If I Had Long, Long Hair (1988)


Tale of Three Trees (1989) with Tim Jonke
Adoption Option (1989)
Surviving the Teenage Years (1988) with Gary Hunt

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