Ann Beattie

Ann Beattie Website:
Birthplace: Washington, DC
Current Residence: Key West, FL and Charlotteville, VA
Setting: Various
Genre: Domestic Fiction, Short Stories, Non-Fiction

Ann Beattie (1947-) has a B.A. from American University and a M.A. and graduate study from the University of Connecticut. Beattie has been a visiting writer and lecturer for the University of Virginia and is currently the Edgar Allen Poe Chair of the Department of English and Creative Writing at the University of Virginia.

Doctor's House by Ann BeattieFollies by Ann BeattieMy Life, Starring Dara Falcon by Ann BeattiePerfect Recall by Ann Beattie

Book List


Doctor's House (2000)
My Life, Starring Dara Falcon (1997)
Another You (1995)
Picturing Will (1989)
Spectacles (1985)
Love Always (1985)
Jacklighting (1981)
Falling in Place (1980)
Chilly Scenes of Winter (1976)

Short Stories

Follies: New Stories (2005)
Perfect Recall: New Stories (2002)
Park City: New and Selected Stories (1998)
What was Mine: Stories (1991)
Where You Will Find Me and Other Stories (1986)
Burning House (1982)
Secrets and Surprises (1978)
Distortions (1976)


Alan Katz (1987)
Americana (1992) with Bob Adelman
Flesh & Blood: Photographers Images of Their Own Families (1992) with essays by Ann Beattie and Andy Grundberg

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