Auerbach, Miriam

Dirty Harriet Dirty Harriet (2006)
Leaving the glamorous Boca Raton lifestyle behind wasn't easy for Boca-born Harriet Horowitz. But when she'd asked her physically abusive husband to make her day — he'd agreed (in front of 500 people) — and Harriet became single (a widow).
Though it had been a clear-cut case of self-defense, she lost everything…yet wound up finding more. Her crash from the heights of society led her to a home in the desolate, haunting Everglades, a job as a private investigator and a new identity as tough cookie Dirty Harriet.
It was a new world for Harriet. Until a murder case involving vulnerable migrant women brought her back to Boca Raton and forced her to face a past she'd thought she'd left in the dust.…
Dirty Harriet Rides Again Dirty Harriet Rides Again (2007)
After years of abuse by her husband, Boca Babe Harriet Horowitz made a split-second decision that ended her $100 manicures and $20,000 shopping sprees forever, and earned her the nickname Dirty Harriet. Defender of the downtrodden.
But why do her cases keep leading back to the soul-sucking life she's left behind? Because where there's glitz, there's scandal, and some lunatic's killing off the only good people left in Boca Raton (the clergy). This time Harriet's got backup. Lior Ben Yehuda--hard-body personal trainer and ex-commando--a younger man commited to helping her out. A man whose flirtatious advances Harriet is finding increasingly hard to resist...
Once again, it's up to Dirty Harriet to make good in a town gone bad.

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