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Sierra Lavotina
The Miracle Strip The Miracle Strip (1998)
From Library Journal
Panama City, FL, serves as setting for this promising first mystery featuring Sierra Lavotini, tough-talking narrator/stripper, and her dog, Fluffy. Assertive and gutsy, Sierra helps bartender friend Denise when someone holds Denise's dog for ransom; that is, until they find a body in Denise's apartment and Denise herself disappears. Despite drug-related revelations about Denise's past, Sierra tries to rescue her?risking death or worse at the hands of a biker gang. Rapid-transit prose, wild characters, nonstop action, and frequent dramatic humor make this a pleasure to read.
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Drag Strip Drag Strip (1999)
From Booklist
In a genre populated with every imaginable type of amateur sleuth, there is currently only one stripper. This follow-up to Bartholomew's debut, Miracle Strip (1998), again features the dynamic Sierra Lavotini, who this time is trying to solve a murder and figure out what's happening with John Nailor, a detective with whom she keeps rubbing . . . elbows. Set in Panama City, Florida, the tale echoes Hiaasen's Strip Tease (1993), but here the plot is a lot less gross and the heroine more endearing. When a young stripper who Sierra befriends is murdered, she vows to find the killer. Handsome detective Nailor is involved, but he's so deeply undercover that even his own partner isn't quite sure how. While Sierra tries to investigate suspect Roy Dell Parks, the "King of Dirt," and keep tabs on Nailor, her Italian mother and brother decide to visit from Philadelphia. A cute mystery that will appeal to fans of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. Jenny McLarin
Film Strip Film Strip (2000)
From Booklist
The third entry in Bartholomew's Sierra Lavotini series, featuring the classy stripper, headliner at Tiffany Gentlemen's Club in Panama City, Florida, is full of kooky characters, dumb thugs, and lots of bodies--both dead and bare. In an effort to raise profits, club owner Vincent imports some outside "talent"--porn stars who disgust the ethical Sierra. When two of the girls are murdered, and Sierra herself gets in the way of one of the bullets, sexy detective John Nailor is on the scene--and doing his best to keep Sierra out of it. Fans of this volatile couple will be happy to see that the pair finally does make it into the bedroom, an encounter described in steamy erotic detail not often seen in this genre. Sierra, of course, begins her own investigation, enlisting the help of crazy neighbor Raylene, brother Francis from her hometown of Philadelphia, and, of course, her hairless Chihuahua, Fluffy. Some readers will figure out who the killer is early on, but they will be having way too much fun to care. Jenny McLarin
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Strip Poker Strip Poker (2001)
From Publishers Weekly
What a game! (Note the title.) What a dame! Sierra Lavotini, the gutsy, busty, blonde exotic dancer who moonlights as a catcher of bad guys, is back for her fourth raunchy and amusing adventure (after 2000's Film Strip). Sierra, along with her fellow dancers, is out of a job after Vincent Gambuzzo, the dim owner of Tiffany Gentleman's Club, loses it in a poker game. When a gang of hoods bursts into the room to seize the take, in the ensuing fracas one player, Denny, is killed and the bouncer is badly injured. The police, including Sierra's boyfriend, John Nailor, arrest Vincent for murder, since the fatal bullet came from his gun. At Denny's wake, Sierra literally stumbles on another corpse. And so it goes. This girl is a magnet for trouble, as one of her friends points out. But with the help of her familiar supporting cast of characters, notably Raydean, her lovable but certifiable trailer-park neighbor, and Fluffy, her hairless Chihuahua, you can count on Sierra to sort it all out. Sierra displays her usual uninhibited candor and bad grammar, neither of which can be attributed to Sister Frances, a former teacher, whose advice she often gives herself. Sierra and Nailor, now an established couple after a long flirtation, enjoy steamy sex, but unexpected competition enters in the person of "Big Moose" Lavotini, a New Jersey mobster whom Sierra has long claimed sight unseen as her uncle to impress others of his ilk. While the murders are satisfactorily resolved, the author leaves a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up and soon! (Nov. 12)(Your Cheatin' Heart).

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