Ben Bova

Ben Bova Website: Ben Bova
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA
Current Residence: Naples, FL
Setting: Various
Genre: Science Fiction, Non-Fiction

Ben Bova (1932-) has an B.S. from Temple University, an M.A. from State University of New York--Albany and an PhD. from California Coast University. He is the author of more than 115 Science Fiction novels and Non-Fiction books.

Power Play by Ben Bova

Book List


Power Play (2012)
Aftermath (2007)
Sam Gunn Omnibus (2007)
Green Trap (2006)
Titan (2006)
Mercury (2005)
Powersat (2005)
Silent War (2004)
Tales of the Grand Tour (Collection) (2004)
Saturn (2003)
Rock Rats (2002)
Precipice (2001)
Jupiter (2001)
Venus (2000)
Return to Mars (1999)
Moonwar (1998)
Sam Gunn Forever (1998)
Twice Seven (collection) (1998)
Moonrise (1996)
Brothers (1996)
Orion Among the Stars (1995)
Death Dream (1994)
Watchmen (1994)
To Fear the Light with A.J. Austin (1994)
Orion and the Conqueror (1994)
Sam Gunn, Unlimited (1993)
Empire Builders (1993)
Challenges (collection) (1993)
Triumph (1993)
To Save the Sun (with A.J. Austin) (1992)
Mars (1992)
Trikon Deception (with Bill Pogue) (1992)
Orion in the Dying Time (1990)
Future Crime (Collection) (1990)
Voyagers III: Star Brothers (1990)
Cyberbooks (1989)
Peacekeepers (1988)
Vengeance of Orion (1988)
Kinsman Saga (1987)
Battle Station (collection) (1987)
Voyagers II: The Alien Within (1986)
Prometheans (collection) (1986)
Privateers (1985)
Astral Mirror (collection) (1985)
Orion (1984)
Escape Plus (collection) (1984)
Winds of Altair (1983)
Test of Fire (1982)
Voyagers (1981)
Exiles Trilogy (1981)
Kinsman (1979)
Maxwell's Demons (collection) (1978)
Colony (1978)
Multiple Man (1976)
Millennium (1976)
City of Darkness (1976)
Starcrossed (1975)
End of Exile (1975)
Gremlins, Go Home! (with Gordon R. Dickson) (1974)
Forward in Time (collection) (1973)
When the Sky Burned (1972)
As On a Darkling Plain (1972)
Flight Of Exiles(1972)
THX 1138 (with George Lucas) (1971)
Exiled from Earth (1971)
Escape! (1969)
Dueling Machine (1969)
Out Of the Sun (1968)
Weathermakers (1967)
Star Watchman (1964)
Star Conquerors (1959)

The Milky Way Galaxy: Man's Exploration of the Stars 1961.
Giants of the Animal World (for young people) 1962.
Reptiles since the World Began (for young people) 1964.
The Uses of Space (for young people) 1965.
In Quest of Quasars: An Introduction to Stars and Starlike Objects (for young people) 1970.
Planets, Life, and LGM (for young people) 1970.
The Fourth State of Matter: Plasma Dynamics and Tomorrow's Technology 1971.
The Amazing Laser (for young people) 1972.
The New Astronomies 1972.
Starflight and Other Improbabilities (for young people; Junior Literary Guild selection) 1973.
Man Changes the Weather (for young people) 1973.
(With Barbara Berson) Survival Guide for the Suddenly Single 1974.
The Weather Changes Man (for young people) 1974.
Workshops in Space (for young people) 1974.
Through Eyes of Wonder (for young people) 1975.
Science: Who Needs It? (for young people) 1975.
Notes to a Science Fiction Writer 1975.
Viewpoint 1977.
(With Trudy E. Bell) Closeup: New Worlds 1977.
The Seeds of Tomorrow (for young people)1977.
The High Road 1981.
Vision of the Future: The Art of Robert McCall 1982.
Assured Survival: Putting the Star Wars Defense in Perspective 1984, Welcome to Moonbase! 1987.
The Beauty of Light 1988.
(With Sheldon L. Glashow) Interactions: A Journey through the Mind of a Particle Physicist and the Matter of This World 1988.
The Craft of Writing Science Fiction That Sells 1994.
(With Anthony R. Lewis) Space Travel 1997.
Immortality 1998.
The Story of Light 2001.
Faint Echoes, Distant Stars: The Science and Politics of Finding Life beyond Earth 2004

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