Betsy Haynes

Betsy HaynesWebsite: Besty Haynes
Birthplace: Benton, IL
Current Residence: Marco Island, FL and The Colony, TX
Genre: Juvenile and Young Adult Fiction

Betsy Haynes was born in Illinois and has been a resident of Marco Island. Haynes' popular Bone Chiller series has been turned into a live action television show on ABC. Her husband Jim is also an author and is the illustrator of many of her book covers.

Book List

Juvenile Titles
Faking It (1996)
Deadly Deception (1994)
The Great Dad Disaster (1994)
The Great Boyfriend Trap (1987)
The Great Mom Swap (!986)
Demon Wheels, With husband, James Haynes, under pseudonym James Betts (1983)
The Power (1982)
The Shadows of Jeremy Pimm (1981)
The Ghost of Gravestone Hearth (1977)
Spies on the Devil's Belt (1974)
Cowslip (1971)

Bonechillers Series

Romeo and Ghouliette (1998) with Ryan Chipman
Terminal Case of the Uglies (1997) (1997) with Sherry Shahan
Why I Quit the Baby-sitters Club (1997) with David Bergantino
Thing Under the Bed (1997) with Daniel Ehrenhaft
Dog Ate My Homework (1997)
Terminal Case of the Uglies (1997) with Daniel Bergantino
Night of the Living Clay (1996)
Attack of the Killer Ants (1996)
Frankenturkey II (1995)
Teacher Creature (1995)
Toilet Terror (1995)
Slime Time (1995)
Strange Brew (1995)
Welcome to Alien Inn (1995)
Frankenturky (1994)
Back to School (1994)
Little Pet Shop of Horrors (1994)

Boy Talk series
Too Blue (1996)
Heartbroken (1996)
Tongue-Tied (1995)
Crazy in Love (1995)
Double Dumped (1995)
Sneaking Around (1995)

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