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Board, Prudy Taylor - Florida Authors Murder a la Carte (2004) Clyde Colby is the host of a Miami-based TV cooking show. She—yes she—was also an accomplished investigative reporter earlier in her career. When on assignment at the Far Horizons beach resort on Rattlesnake Key to do a show featuring acclaimed chef Henri Doucette, she finds new friends, a lover—and murder. The delicious web of conspiracy grows more intricate and elusive as more bodies turn up, a newspaper reporter is savagely beaten, and one of the resort’s maids—who has befriended Clyde—mysteriously disappears. Clyde is determined to unravel the sinister happenings at Far Horizons, or as the locals call it, the infamous Last Resort. Yet she has no idea what peril awaits her. This is a succulent treat for all mystery-suspense lovers, spicy and delectable in every twist and turn. It will leave you hungry for more.
Board, Prudy Taylor - Florida Authors A Grave Injustice (2007)
A Grave Injustice Corey Harris is haunted. Haunted by new relationships, haunted by old relationships, but mostly haunted by dead relationships. A GRAVE INJUSTICE is one scary read! Prudy Taylor Board turns the heat up page after page, and you won't be able to rest until you read the last word. Don Bruns Author of Jamaica Blue and South Beach Shakedown I loved it!!! A GRAVE INJUSTICE grabs you from the very beginning and holds you with a fi rm grip until the very end. Prudy Taylor Board knows how to write, her style is captivating. Absolutely a page turner. One of the best paranormal mysteries I've read! Noreen Renier Psychic detective and author of A Mind for Murder Featured on Court TV's Psychic Detectives Corey Harris, crime reporter extraordinaire, does not waver as the real world and the world of spirits collide with explosive force in this fast paced thriller. Prudy Taylor Board has seamlessly woven the world of spirits into the real world in this brilliant and explosive paranormal mystery. A GRAVE INJUSTICE has it all: mesmerizing characters, a compelling plot, a pace so fast that you won't be able to put it down, and a paranormal touch that feels all too real. Patricia Gussin Author of SHADOW OF DEATH In A GRAVE INJUSTICE, Prudy Taylor Board has crafted a delightful paranormal mystery. She eases the reader into the supernatural element in such a way as to make it totally believable. She swings comfortably between Corey's job as a newspaper reporter in the present and the World War II death of Karl Von Brett. Thanks to well placed geographic details, the reader is introduced to another character, the city of Fort Myers, Florida. Corey's feisty relationship with Ben Crawford, her editor, adds another level of tension to the solving of this fascinating mystery. Martha Powers Award-winning author of Death Angel Lies, murder and deception, sex, love and trust. Prudy Taylor Board's new paranormal mystery, A GRAVE INJUSTICE has it all. Flawless transitions between time lines, identifi able characters with realistic dreams hopes and insecurities, keep her audience riveted until the climactic ending. A novel of supernatural suspense! Graeme Johns Author of the international thriller, Situation Sabotage


Remembering Lee County; Where Winter Spends the Summer (2006)
In this charming retrospective, Lee County native Prudy Taylor Board writes with love, respect, and wry humor as she reveals the true history of Lee County, its communities and some of its most intriguing and prominent pioneers. For example:

In 1884, Fort Myers comprised 139 acres at the original site of the town that was platted into a working community. But the burgeoning town that had grown to include about 50 families did not have a newspaper. So when the opportunity to "kidnap" an editor and his press presented itself, Henry L. Roan, captain of the schooner Lily White, wasted no time.

Although a paradise for tourists today, Sanibel was originally noted for its prolific agriculture. By 1896, farmers were shipping a thousand crates of tomatoes a week during their growing season. A few years later, crops included eggplant, beets, squash, green peppers, cucumbers and beans. Unfortunately, the torrential tides of salt water accompanying a disastrous hurricane in 1921 destroyed the groves and arid farms that marked the finish to Sanibel's agricultural prominence.

With these delightful historical vignettes, Board presents a fascinating history of the three cities that presently make up Lee County, Florida. Locals, visitors and newcomers alike are sure to enjoy Board's witty and causal style, and will view the area with a renewed appreciation for its rich past.

Remembering Fort Myers: The City of Palms (2006)
Known for its palm-lined boulevards and famous residents, Fort Myers is arguably the quintessential Florida destination. And although many people know the city was a winter getaway for the likes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, few know the story of “Wild Bill” Belvin who lived a year in the wilds of North Fort Myers, but was immediately arrested upon his return to civilization. Nor do they know that when Lee Memorial Hospital first opened in 1916, its surgical patients were as concerned about the agility of their stretcher-bearers as they were about their surgeons’ skills.

In Remembering Fort Myers: The City of Palms, author Prudy Taylor Board has compiled a collection of historical articles about the intriguing, but little known, people and events in the city’s history. Board traces the development of the city’s prestigious neighborhoods and parks, while introducing readers to some of the most captivating and eccentric characters.

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