Bob Knotts

Bob Knotts Website: Bob Knotts
Birthplace: Detroit, MI
Current Residence: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Setting: Florida
Genre: Juvenile Non-Fiction

Bob Knotts has written 24 fiction and non-fiction books, including one novel for adults and 23 books for young readers. His non-fiction works largely have centered around science, history and sports. Knotts is a licensed race car driver and avid traveler who has visited dozens of countries on five continents. Knotts lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Florida History by Bob KnottsFlorida Native Peoples by Bob KnottsAll Around Florida by Bob KnottsUniquely Florida by Bob Knotts

Book List


Hard News (2001)

Juvenile Non-Fiction

All Around Florida: Regions and Resources (2003)
Florida History (2003)
Florida Native Peoples (2003)
People of Florida (2003)
Florida Plants and Animals (2003)
Uniquely Florida (2003)
Sports Superstars: 8 of Today's Hottest Athletes (2003)
Summer Olympics (2000)
Martial Arts (2000)
Track and Field (2000)
Weightlifting (2000)
Pocket Guide to the 2000 Olympics (2000)
Equestrian Events (2000)

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