Brenda Jackson

Brenda JacksonWebsite: Brenda Jackson
Birthplace: Jacksonville, FL
Current Residence: Jacksonville, FL
Genre: romance

Brenda Jackson was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She began her writing career in 1994 when she introduced her readers to the Madaris family.

Book List

Temperatures Rising (2009)
Let's Get it On (2006)

Bennett Family Series

The Savvy Sisters (2003)
A Family Reunion (2001)

Madaris Family and Friends Series

Taste of Passion (2009)
Slow Burn (2007)
Unfinished Business (2004)
The Midnight Hour (2004)
Surrender (2001)
True Love (2000)
Secret Love (2000)
Whispered Promises (1999)
One Special Moment (1998)
Eternally Yours (1997)
A Valentine Kiss (1996)
Tonight and Forever (1995)

Perfect Series

Perfect Fit (2003)
Perfect Timing (2002)

Playa Series

What a Woman Wants (2007)
No More Playas (2005)
The Playa's Handbook (2004)

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