Buffett, Jimmy

Trouble Dolls by Jimmy Buffett: Book Cover
Trouble Dolls (1991)
From School Library Journal
Grade 2-4-- Dr. Rhinehart, a scientist, is lost when his plane crashes in the Everglades. His young daughter, desperate to know what has happened to him, unpacks her Guatemalan trouble dolls. The four tiny figures come alive on her pillow and offer to guide her to her father. Encouraged by her wise Seminole housekeeper, Lizzy clambers aboard her sailboat and travels through alligator-infested waters. The dolls Pedro and Julio fly off on the back of a blue parrot, locate the downed plane, and lead Lizzy to her father. The lengthy, detailed plot with its predictable outcome depends too much on the unbelievable premise that the dolls can become actors in the world of real people, and that a nine-year-old child can fearlessly accomplish a dangerous rescue. However, the acrylic paintings, styled like Mexican murals and executed in bright Caribbean colors, are pleasant, and the affection between father and daughter is a touching feature. Youngsters attracted by the romance of the Everglades and by the celebrity status of Buffett and his daughter will enjoy the story for the make-believe adventure that it is. --Shirley Wilton, Ocean County College, Toms River, NJ
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