Cain, Carolyn

Cain, Carolyn - Florida Authors Secret at the Breakers Hotel: A Palm Beach Mystery (2002)
Money can buy anything--except an invitation into Palm Beach high society.
But belonging to the "in crowd" isn't enough for heiress Wally Tupper. She is bored to tears with parties, gossip, and the dull life of Florida's filthy rich. When LaLa Ewen asks Wally to spy on Booth, LaLa's wayward husband, Wally reluctantly agrees. She doesn't count on finding her pal's hubby floating dead in a swimming pool during a social gala. Is it an accident? Or murder? The situation is complicated with the appearance of several suspicious eccentrics. They include two ladies contending for the "title" of Palm Beach Society Queen, a wife sent to a home for wealthy women unable to handle reality, a florist with a blackmailed lover, and a newcomer who seems to know too much. Just when Wally thinks she is about to discover the identity of the killer, poor LaLa is arrested for Booth's murder. Now she'll miss the Breakers Hotel Centennial Ball for sure! At least Wally isn't bored anymore. But can she unmask the real murderer before all her privileged friends attend a party to die for? Literally? Find out in this witty, engaging, whodunnit.

Carolyn Cain

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