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Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban "Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban" (Gibbs Smith Publisher, November 2004) ISBN-13: 9781586854331

Three Guys from Miami Cook Cuban is the latest effort of Glenn Lindgren, Raúl Musibay, and Jorge Castillo – three brothers-in-law with a passion for Cuban food and culture. This is a unique cookbook by three hombres who love Cuban culture and food so much that they created the tremendously popular website The Internet Cuban.

Millions of people have already discovered these Three Guys and their recipes. Now the rest of the world can too, in this delightfully witty and entertaining new cookbook complete with a Cuban food glossary, personal stories, and hilarious asides that represent the Three Guys’ own distinctive brand of humor. With amazing family recipes, Miami influence, and food secrets from Cuba, The Three Guys share twenty years of experimentation, refinement, and a lot of trial and error that have made these recipes uniquely their own. The book is lavishly illustrated with 75 full-color photographs by photographer Nancy Bundt.
The Three Guys From Miami have made several appearances on the Food Network, ABC Family, The Travel Channel, National Public Radio, and Public TV. They are frequent sources of Cuban cooking tips and advice for professional chefs and amateur cooks all over the world. Their recipes have appeared in several major newspapers and magazines.
The Three Guys from Miami started small, but quickly became known for their great parties, centered on whole pigroasts or an elaborate Cuban-style paella. In fact, the Three Guys' "Paella Cubana" was featured on "Tyler's Ultimate" with Tyler Florence on the Food Network.

Three Guys from Miami Cook Cuban is a fun, and easy-to-follow guide that will let even inexperienced home cooks turn out some great Cuban meals. The recipes are easy to prepare and you'll actually enjoy the entire process. Three Guys from Miami Cook Cuban has been extremely well received by food editors and writers all over the United States. The Chicago Sun Times says, "I swear I could almost feel the Miami sunshine beaming down on me as I read through the book… The photography is beautiful and inviting, making one ready to hop on a plane to Miami. For most of us that's not possible, so this cookbook is the next best thing."

The Miami Times says, "With Colombian arepas and Nicaraguan tres leches in the mix, the title might more accurately be 'Three Guys From Miami Cook Miami,' but there are plenty of Cuban standards here, from picadillo and arroz con pollo to rice pudding and flan. We even get the Elena Ruz, a turkey, cream cheese and strawberry-jam sandwich named for the customer who ordered it at a 1930s Havana restaurant. Best of all, we get the good-natured byplay -- Jorge: Someday we'd like to have a sandwich named after us. Raul: Probably something with plenty of spice and a lot of tongue! -- that makes these guys such good company."

Where Miami
reports, "They may not be as famous as some chefs, but Glenn Lindgren, Raúl Musibay and Jorge Castillo know their food. In the just-released Three Guys from Miami Cook Cuban, the Miami natives offer up the best of Miami-Cuban specialties-from the Papa Hemingway Daiquiris to empanadas de carne asada to arepas to their own version of paella Cubana that even novice cooks can try at home. Best of all, the cookbook is chock full of colorful pictures of the marketplaces, landmarks and people that make Miami so indefinably unique."

And the Library Journal provides the last word, "In their first book, they present many of their favorite recipes and stories. Lindgren is the writer, but the three share a somewhat wacky sense of humor (as documented in some of the photographs here). However, their book includes a lot of culinary and social history, along with 100 recipes for both traditional Cuban dishes and more contemporary variations. Numerous color photographs and an attractive design add to the appeal. One of the few recent titles on the subject, this is strongly recommended."

The Three Guys recipes represent three lifetimes of enjoying Cuban food, and a long process creating, collecting, and refining the recipes they love. They have combined the best ideas from these great chefs with their own special twists to create the "tried and true" recipes they like best. Everyone, from the most amateur home chef to the seasoned professional will enjoy this excellent and unique Cuban cookbook.
Three Guys From Miami Celebrate Cuban "Three Guys From Miami Celebrate Cuban" (Gibbs Smith Publisher, September 2006) ISBN-13: 9781423600633

The Three Guys from Miami have done it again with 100 ALL-NEW delicious Cuban recipes that will definitely get you in a party mood!

These festive recipes are perfect for ALL occasions: The Three Guys know that when you eat Cuban food, EVERY
meal is a celebration. That's why "Three Guys From Miami Celebrate Cuban" is NOT just a party book! Although this book is built around a Cuban party theme, the recipes are just as easily made for everyday eating. In fact, most of the recipes are simple and easy to prepare for some great lunches and dinners at home.

Even if you're not in a party mood, you can treat yourself and your family to a delicious meal.
The recipes follow the spirit of their first book, "Three Guys From Miami Cook Cuban," with clear, easy-to-follow instructions that make creating spectacular dishes a snap.

When you do want to party, why not try a Cuban-style party?
Cuban parties have always revolved around food and oh, the food! Huge platters of tender roasted pork, plates of crispy yellow tostones, bowls of black beans cooked to perfection in a thick aromatic stew, tall glasses of tropical drinks, trays of sweet desserts, the tang of
citrus and garlic in the air... Are you hungry yet? We thought so. As the Three Guys say, "Party when you
can, but always eat well!"

The Guys pair their amazing recipes with cultural anecdotes on all things Cuban and colorful photography that captures the food and soul of Miami.

Desi Arnaz might have said it first: Every Cuban can dance, play the guitar and sing...

Imagine all the fun things you can do with three Cuban guys in your kitchen!

OK, if the first three items on your list include mopping the floor, unstopping the disposal, or some scenario
that might jeopardize this book's "PG" rating, let us re-direct your imagination.

No, these guys are here to make every day a party at your house with 101 great recipe ideas for all
occasions. That's right the Three Guys From Miami will become your new kitchen companions. These wild and crazy guys will show you how you can easily prepare some classic, and some not-so-classic Cuban dishes - all re-interpreted in the Miami style. In no time, you'll be cooking Cuban food that will amaze your family and friends.

In this, a companion book to their immensely popular first book, "Three Guys from Miami Cook Cuban," the Guys have created a fun and entertaining guide that will keep you cooking and laughing in the kitchen for years to come.
The 101 recipes in this book are the result of more than 20 years of great Three Guys From Miami parties.

You'll find recipes that are suitable for everything from a family dinner, to a small dinner party, to a
huge feast for everyone in your social circle.

The best thing is - you don't need a single drop of Cuban blood to add a little Latin spice to your next meal.
Yes, you too can get in on all of the action because everyone who buys this book is automatically qualified to
be an honorary Cuban any time they feel like cooking Three Guys From Miami style!

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