Cauthen, Sudye

Cauthen, Sudye - Florida Authors
Southern Comforts: Rooted in a Florida Place (2007)
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After her divorce and her father's death, Cauthen returns to Alachua, a small town north of Gainesville, Florida, home to five generations of her family. She feels as if she's "watching a relative die, bit by bit" as land is relentlessly "buried under asphalt, concrete, and steel." In chapters devoted to different family members—such as her dad's younger brother, who ran a barber shop in Alachua for 30 years—Cauthen traces the history of the region back to the late 1540s, weaving family memories with the oral histories of longtime residents, including workers in the surrounding tobacco fields whose slave ancestors worked those same fields more than 150 years ago. Each site she visits brings more pain, as she discovers her aunt's swimming hole polluted with fertilizer chemicals and her beloved countryside "sliced by realtors into pieces." Cauthen writes eloquently about the loss of the place where she was raised, and which she so obviously loves. At least her cautionary memoir succeeds, on paper, in preserving what once was. Donovan, Debora

Cauthen, Sudye - Florida Authors

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