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Cavanagh, Thomas B. - Florida Authors
Murderland (2005)
Fantasy meets reality when a deranged killer targets tourists at a major Orlando theme park. Enter Kevin Lonnegan, a former cop turned private investigator, hired to go undercover as a park employee to find the killer before another murder occurs. Along the way, Kevin crosses paths with an old nemesis, finally comes to terms with the demons of his own past, and confronts the killer in a life or death struggle that will leave only one person standing. Your ticket is waiting. Welcome to. Murderland.
Cavanagh, Thomas B. - Florida Authors Head Games (2007)
From Publishers Weekly
In Cavanagh's entertaining second mystery (after 2005's Murderland), retired Florida cop Mike Garrity signs on to find boy-band teen heartthrob TJ Sommerset, who's gone missing before the start of a hugely publicized tour. TJ has pulled this kind of disappearing act in the past and was found meditating in the desert. But this time, threatening phone calls and thugs in elevators lead Garrity to suspect TJ isn't on an artsy retreat. Meanwhile, Mike's ex-wife arranges for him to host his estranged 15-year-old daughter, Jennifer, for the summer so the two can spend some quality time together before Mike's incapacitated by the brain tumor he's nicknamed Bob. TJ's cousin, who had some serious gambling debts with the wrong people, turns up dead, but the wiseguys still want their money from whomever they can squeeze it out of. When Jennifer is kidnapped, locating TJ becomes a life-or-death imperative. Fans of the classic PI novel will hope to see more of this wonderfully crotchety protagonist—with or without Bob. (Jan.)
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Cavanagh, Thomas B. - Florida Authors Prodigal Son (2008)
Three months after he’s undergone surgery to remove a brain tumor, retired police detective Mike Garrity’s cancer is in remission. It’s great news, but when you’ve been planning to only live for a few months, you don’t normally worry about savings. A return to health also means a return to the workforce, and whether he likes it or not, Mike’s going to have to adjust to the role of private investigator.
He's also bounced back into a romance with a member of his cancer support group, Debbie Watson. But while Mike may be celebrating his victory over cancer, Debbie’s just been handed a grim prognosis. Desperate, she asks him for help with what might be her last request: tracking down the son she put up for adoption twenty years ago.
Debbie’s son is not the only lost child Mike has been asked to trace. A high school friend of his daughter has died of an overdose. The boy’s father is convinced that the death was not a suicide and, though the case is officially closed, the officer in charge has his own doubts about its conclusion.
Back at work and stumbling headlong into a new relationship, Mike should have a lot to look forward to. But all is not as it seems, and he’s about to find out that cancer isn’t the only thing trying to kill him. Macmillan

Cavanagh, Thomas B. - Florida Authors

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