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Shady Palms
Shady Palms by Frank Cerabino: Book Cover
Shady Palms: A Condo Caper (2000)
The first in the series introduces us to Bernie Hamstein president of Building C in an adult condominium community in Palm Beach County. Bernie is currently faced with a crisis - the renter in 26C is pregnant and since all of the residents of Shady Palms are past childbearing age, the condo complex is demanding to know what Bernie intends to do.
The Palm Beach Post, 2001. 1st edition.
Shady Palm 2 by Frank Cerabino: Book Cover
Shady Palm 2: Fowl Play (2001)
The characters are a little bit older - but not the least bit wiser. Bernie Hamstein is back. Does he have the heart to deal with snappy ducks, condo politics and clubhouse Shakespeare?
The plot thickeners: Rose Hamstein; Bernie might run things at his condo, but Rose runs Bernie.
Vince Campo; A silver fox with a velvet voice. Why is he befriending Rose?
Demetrius Bone; An aspiring football player with a mascot problem and an imaginative agent.
Yolette Germond; An 11-year-old Haitian castaway in search of her father in America.
Ricardo Vera; Wealthy fitness nut and sugar baron who pursues love at Shady Palms.
Johnny Fox; The condo's theatrical impresario, a man who doesn't embarrass easily.
The Palm Beach Post, 2001; 1st edition.
Cerabino, Frank - Florida Authors
Shady Palms 3: Viagra Falls (2002)
The saga with real staying power. Will Bernie Hamstein go with the flow and see his political fortunes fall to the younger brash group of retirees taking over Shady Palms?
The plot thickeners: Rose Hamstein; A wife sensible enough to almost keep her Bernie out of trouble.
Dylan Hamstein; Bernie's visiting grandson seems to be a magnet for trouble, dude.
Skyy Mathis; She's young, gorgeous and devoted to charity. Or is she?
Ricardo Vera; Can the wealthy sugar baron be happy without troublesome Lois?
Jensen Whitlock; A Zoomer who wants to run things at the condo. First step: overthrowing Bernie.
Lois Rodgers; Without Ricardo, Lois embarks on an adventure she learns to regret.
The Palm Beach Post, 2002.

Pelican Park
Cerabino, Frank - Florida Authors
Pelican Park (2005)
Comic fictional story of a family in South Florida suburbia.

Pelican Park 2: Pinky Feels the Pinch (2006)
Comic fiction about a family in South Florida suburbia.

Cerabino, Frank - Florida Authors

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