Chapman, Herb and Muncy

Wiregrass Trilogy
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It is 1835 in the rugged frontier of the Florida Territory - known as "wiregrass country" from the wild grass found there. Treff Ballowe and his adopted family, the Dovers, are struggling to keep Three Springs Ranch thriving under threat of rustlers and renegade Indians. Ace and Amaly Dover moved to Florida in 1816 and managed to withstand the subtropical weather, insects, and wild animals to accumulate a large herd of beef cattle. Now the family is being further tested as another Seminole War is brewing, and outlaws are on the rise.
Chapman, Herb and Muncy - Florida Authors Weeds in the Wiregrass (2004) In 1836, the action never stops for Ace Dover’s family at the Three Springs Ranch. Rustling and lawlessness prevail in the Florida Territory, and adopted son Treff Ballowe has his hands full trying to protect the TSR pastures. Putting Joel Godwin in the Fort Brooke stockade only intensifies his problems by fueling Grandma Godwin’s vow to “see Treff dead”.
The Dovers’ only daughter, feisty, redhead Marvelous, shows her spunk by delivering a neighbor’s baby, but can she save her new husband, Hank O’Mara, from the dreaded yellow fever that’s sweeping the Territory?
When Rusty’s horse returns with an empty saddle, the Dover family fears the worst. Can Rusty’s love for the Indian maiden who rescues him survive the merger of the two vastly separated cultures?
Captain Caleb’s paddlewheeler seems perfect for shipping TSR cattle to Cuba, but is the captain to be trusted?
These and many other questions haunt Ace Dover as he and Amaly and their children struggle to survive in the rugged Florida Territory.
Chapman, Herb and Muncy - Florida Authors Wiregrass Politics
Political controversy is not a new concept to Floridians. In 1838, long before chads and punch cards were ever heard of, Florida Territory Governor Call plans for a constitutional convention to bring Florida to statehood, and questions abound. Should the territory be divided into two states as some wish, or even three? Should the capitol be located in Pensacola, Tallahassee, or St. Augustine?
When Ace Dover is elected as one of 53 delegates to the convention in St. Joseph, he turns the operation of Three Springs Ranch over to his four sons. Will they be able to keep TSR afloat against the threat of outlaws, renegade Indians, and a scheming woman who has her sites set on the Dover fortune? Not if Grandma Godwin and her son Joel get their wish to “see Treff dead.” Can Captain Caleb be trusted to safely transport TSR cattle to Cuba? Just who is Noah LeBlanc, and what is his part in Amber-Jade’s devious plot to get her hands on the Dovers’ gold? Will Marvelous and her husband Hank O’Mara return to the TSR in time to help? These questions and more surround Ace and Amaly Dover as they struggle to keep their family safe in the wild and lawless Florida Territory.

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