Chapman, Muncy

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What Love Remembers (1998)
Kristen Kelly has an all-expense paid summer at Florida's beautiful barrier islands in exchange for her companionship to eight-year-old Janelle Bradley. Weston Bradley,III hopes that Kristen can help his daughter adjust to the idea of a new mother. But first Janelle must be able to remember the love of the mother who died too young.

For sake of the child, Kristen must smother her attraction to the handsome Mr. Bradley and do her job. Kristen and Janelle spend many an afternoon picknicking on the beach. Kristen discovers that by introducing Janelle to God's love, the child can remember her mother's love.

A crabby old neighbor, Weston's glamorous girlfriend, and nasty hurricane test Kristen's endurance. Will Kristen make it to the end of summer, or will the strain be too much?
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Margaret's Quest (1999)
In 1836, Savannah debutante Margaret Porter travels by schooner to the wild, unsettled Florida Territory, and learns that her fiance' has been killed in a fierce conflict between the army and Seminole Indians.

Margaret is befriended by shipboard acqaintance Mikal Lee, who helps her launch a millenery business in Apalachicola, a flourishing seaport. Margaret's business soars.

Mikal tries to open Margaret's heart to the loving care of the God whom Margaret feels has deserted her. Will she find her fulfillment in the wealth that the dashing Harry Robards is anxious to give her, or will her quest lead to a Christ-centered life with Mikal Lee?
Chapman, Muncy - Florida Authors
Red Hills Stranger (2003)
As a young woman, she entered an arranged marriage, but her husband died before their only child was born. Now that baby boy is ten years old, and Amy focuses all her energy on raising Alex and making a living for them as a seamstress.

That is until the red hills stranger arrives. Charles Drake may be from the most disreputable area in this section of the Florida Territory, but something about him elicits feelings in Amy that she has never before experienced. Something tells her she can trust him. But what secret has caused such a dark shadow to be cast over Charles's life?
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Mermaids Never Drown (2002)
At first Kevin Collins thinks Lorelei Cramer is trying to drown herself. Then she explains that "mermaids never drown," and he thinks she's just plain crazy…until he learns she really is a mermaid-in a manner of speaking. Lorelei just wants to be an ordinary girl on vacation from her starring role in the famous Florida underwater attraction. But someone is trying to kill her. Part of her wants to turn to Kevin Collins, but the other part wonders . . . Is he the one who wants her dead?
Chapman, Muncy - Florida Authors
The Way Home (2005)
While hunting for a meager dinner, Melissa Malcolm stumbles across a half-dead man. He can't remember who he is or how he came to have a bullet hole in his shoulder, but Melissa knows he's part of her destiny. Calling him "Dan," she learns about the love of Jesus Christ from this mild-mannered stranger. Dan knows he's losing his heart to Melissa, but until his past is recalled, there's no hope of a permanent relationship with her. His presence seems to bring danger to the Malcolm home - especially when a vaguely familiar man, bent on courting Melissa, seems to be seeking to kill Dan. Could the Lord have plans for a home Dan and Melissa can call their own? Can they trust their hearts to God and let Him show them the way home?
Chapman, Muncy - Florida Authors
Florida Brides (2007)
Florida is a wild jungle in the early 1800s, but with the rise of settlements comes the taming effect of faith and romance. Margaret Porter leaves the refinement of Savannah to find her fiance has been killed in territorial wars. How will she handle multiple requests for her hand in marriage? Widowed after an arranged marriage, Amy McCutcheon is raising her son...

Chapman, Muncy - Florida Authors

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