Charles, Nora

Death with an Ocean View Death with an Ocean View (2004)
Senior citizen sleuth Kate Kennedy is spending her retirement tackling the gray clouds that sometimes descend over Florida--like murder.
Who Killed Swami Schartz Who Killed Swami Schwartz? (2005)
Kate Kennedy will make you laugh. (Victoria Thompson) Sparkles like the South Florida sunshine...Kate Kennedy is a warm and funny heroine. (Nancy Martin)
Death is a Bargain Death is a Bargain (2005)
A table opens up for Kate Kennedy and her friend at the Palmetto Beach Flea Market. When a fellow vendor is murdered Kate must find out who had a motive to put him out of business.
Hurricane Homicide Hurricane Homicide (2006)
TV weatherman Uncle Weatherwise is the condo's newest arrival. But when a hurricane he predicted would bypass Palmetto Beach forces an evacuation, Kate Kennedy stumbles upon his corpse. Suddenly she's on a trail of suspects that may lead back to the Cold War.
Death Rides the Surf Death Rides the Surf (2007)
When the surfer crush of Kate Kennedy's granddaughter is killed -- and foul play is suspected -- Kate must clear her granddaughter's name before she's thrown to the sharks.

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