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Birthplace: Sanford, FL
Current Residence: New Smyrna Beach, FL
Setting: Florida
Genre: Non-Fiction, Florida History

Charlie Carlson served twenty-five years in the Army before retiring as a Sargeant-Major. Carlson's first book was about the history of Celery Farming in Seminole County. After his initial success, Carlson has written over a dozen Florida History books. Carlson also collected tales of unexplained encounters. He credits his Florida Cracker grandmother who was "a medium and genuine communicator for the dead, who could tell some wild ghost stories" for his interest in the weird. In 1997, Carlson published Strange Florida, a collection of weird Florida stories. This was followed by contributing Florida stories to Weird, U.S.A and the publication of Weird, Florida. Carlson is most well known as Florida's Master of the Weird. Carlson has appeared on hundreds of talk shows aired on over more than 2500 radio and television stations across the U.S. and Canada.

Book List

Ashley’s Shadow
Strange Florida II
Weird Florida (2005)
Bookertown: A Journey to the Past (2003)
Seminole County's Curious Files (2001)
History of Monroe (2000)
When Celery Was Kingacross

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