Cheryl Ann Porter

Cheryl Anne PorterWebsite: Cheryl Anne Porter
Birthplace: Savannah, GA
Deceased 2004
Setting: United States, Kansas, Oklahoma
Genre: Historical Romance

Cheryl Anne Porter was born in Savannah, Georgia, but moved frequently as a young person due to her father's position in the US Armed Forces. She spent time in England and Germany before graduating from high school in Oklahoma. Porter received a BA from the University of Oklahoma. She turned to writing after careers in education and health care. Porter moved to Florida in the 1990s and continued to write and speak until her untimely death in 2004.

Book List
Blind Date (2005)
To Make a Marriage (2003)
Popping the Question (2002)
Sitting Pretty (2002)
The Marriage Masquerade (2002)
Mad About Maddie (2001)
Wild Flower (2001)
Her Only Chance (2001)
Prairie Song (2000)
Captive Angel (1999)
From Here to Maternity (1999)
Seasons of Glory (1998)
Great Escape (1998)
Jacey's Reckless Heart (1997)
Man in Demand (1997)
Hannah's Promise (1997)
Sara's Bounty (1996)
Kansas Wildfire (1994)
Jesse's Outlaw (1993)

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