Chris Gilson

Chris GilsonWebsite: Chris Gilson
Birthplace: New York
Current Residence: South Florida
Setting: Manhattan
Genre: Romance, Fiction

Chris Gilson lives in South Florida with his family and wrote a book called Crazy for Cornelia. The main character was inspired by his wife. Gilson has also written text books in addition to his novels.

Book List
Crazy for Cornelia (2000)
Dare to Be Square (1988)
(with H.W. Berkman) Advertising Concepts and Strategies, 1980, 2nd ed., 1987
Consumer Revenge (1981)
(with L.C. Cawley and W.R. Schmidt) How to Market Your Law Practice (1979)
(with H.W. Berkman) Consumer Behavior: Concepts and Strategies, 1978, rev. ed., 1986

Crazy for Cornelia

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