Christopher Shultz

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Current Residence: Key West, FL
Genre: Non-fiction

Christopher Shultz grew up in Minneapolis Minnesota. After finishing college in Boston and a short stint in Los Angles Chris found his home in Key West Florida in late 1999. After a couple of years of binge drinking and not seeing day light Chris began writing about the island he called home. After having a bowl of French onion soup with David Sloan, the two decided to write a book together titled Quit Your Job and Move to Key West. Soon after Chris's family moved down and the rest is history. For fun Chris enjoy's playing with Legos and other toys, dressing up in costumes, eating filet mignon, fourteen- teen, talking on the Banana phone, Mixed Martial arts and listening to the good good music. some call chris a renaissance man, some call him an idiot, he likes to call himself...

Book List

Christopher Shultz and David Sloan
The Hangover Survival Guide ~ Key West (2006)
Key West 101 Discovering Paradise (2005)
Don't Do It! 101 Reasons NOT To Marry Her (2004)
Quit Your Job and Move To Key West (2003)

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