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Dixie Hemingway Mysteries
cover Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter (2006)
Dixie Hemingway knows first-hand that many things in life are worse than a dirty litter box. Once happy as a Florida sheriff’s deputy, she lost everything when senseless tragedy shattered her world. Now Dixie laces up her sneakers, grabs some kitty treats, and copes with one day at a time as a pet-sitter. Her investigations deal strictly with “crimes” such as who peed on the bed . . . until she finds a dead man face down in an Abyssinian’s water bowl. With the local cops stymied—including a handsome detective who catches her eye—she decides to clip a leash on a lead or two and go sleuthing herself. Dixie soon finds out that the Abyssinian’s pretty owner has vanished and left behind a shocking past, a lonely cat, and a chilling reason for Dixie to start running when she’s out walking the dogs. Macmillan
cover Duplicity Dogged the Dachshund (2007)
Everybody who loves dachshunds knows about their adventurous streak. So when Mame, the elderly dachshund in Dixie Hemingway’s care, gets away from her to investigate a mound of mulch, Dixie isn’t surprised. What the dachshund digs up, however, is not only a surprise but a trigger for a whole new pile of jolting events that puts Dixie at the center of a hunt for a psychopathic killer—someone who fears Dixie saw him leaving the scene of a brutal murder. In the lovely seaside community of Sarasota, Florida, another desperate chase to collar a criminal is about to begin…Macmillan
cover Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues (2008)

Dixie has a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The day she happens upon the dead body outside a fancy mansion is no different. She’s had her fill of homicide investigations, so she leaves the gate-keeper’s corpse to be found by somebody else. Unfortunately, thatsomebody else sees Dixie leaving the scene of the crime, and the fatal bullet might have even come from her own gun! To make matters worse, the owner of the mansion is Dixie’s new client—a scientist who is either a genius, insane, or both—whose pet iguana is under her charge. All that, plus a feisty calico kitten that needs some TLC, means that time is running out for Dixie to catnip this case in the bud… and collar the killer. Macmillan
cover Cat Sitter on a Hot Tin Roof (2009)
Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter introduced a winning sleuth in Florida pet sitter Dixie Hemingway, and the next books in the series, Duplicity Dogged the Dachshund and Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues, firmly established author Blaize Clement as a new star amongst mystery fans. Now Dixie Hemingway, no relation to you-know-who, is back in this fourth riveting installment.

When Dixie meets Laura Halston, a newcomer to Siesta Key, she recognizes a kindred spirit and believes she's found a new friend. Disarmingly beautiful, Laura confesses that she's in hiding from an abusive husband. Later, when Laura receives threatening phone calls, Dixie is certain the husband is the culprit.

But the more Dixie learns about Laura, the less certain she is about anything…and then matters turn deadly. As she tries to understand Laura’s past, Dixie is forced to acknowledge things about herself that she has never faced before.

Fast-paced and gripping, Cat Sitter on a Hot Tin Roof is everything Blaize Clement’s many fans have come to expect. Macmillan
Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs by Blaize ClementRaining Cat Sitters and Dogs (2010)

From Publishers Weekly

At the start of Clement's sprightly fifth Dixie Hemingway mystery (after 2009's Cat Sitter on a Hot Tin Roof), the Siesta Key, Fla., pet sitter and former cop takes an instant liking to Jaz, a mixed-race pubescent girl she first meets at the vet, where Jaz has brought an injured wild rabbit. A nervous man claiming to be Jaz's stepfather (he looked like a junior high school principal who had learned too late that he hated kids) admits he accidentally hit the rabbit in his car. Later, three young thugs looking for Jaz confront Dixie at the home of one of Dixie's clients. Dixie's homicide detective love interest, Lt. Jean-Pierre Guidry, suspects the three are connected to the knifing murder of a local elderly man, and the chase is on to find the thugs before they get to Jaz. Smooth prose, a lush background, and engaging animals—in particular, Big Bubba, a talkative African gray parrot who loves to watch police shows on TV—make for a fine-feathered read. (Jan.)
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