Coffey, Tom

Coffey, Tom - Florida Authors
Miami Twilight (2003)
From Florida's steamy underbelly comes the blistering new novel from the bestselling author of The Serpent Club, the harrowing thriller that Publishers Weekly called "fast-paced, shocking, and hypnotic." Now Tom Coffey shifts coasts and dives into the darkest human desires -- sex, drugs, revenge, and bloodshed -- behind the glistening façade of the Sunshine State. There is a man, I'm making love to his wife. If he's still alive, I'm sure he's not happy about it. But Ernesto may have killed him -- which would be lucky for me, wouldn't it? Illicit thoughts run incessantly through the mind of Garrett Doherty, a Miami-based PR executive who is jeopardizing his marriage, his career, and possibly his life because of his fascination with a mysterious beauty named Magdalena. Their affair and his shady business dealings have connected Doherty to notorious Cuban expatriate and land developer Ernesto Rodriguez, a man whose long associations with U.S. intelligence agencies and the international underworld have placed him in the center of the anti-Castro movement and a far-reaching cocaine empire. Rodriguez wants Doherty to help him promote Tierra Grande, a gated playground for millionaires, and his final shot at a legitimate legacy. As Doherty's obsession with Magdalena consumes more and more of him, he is pulled into the violent dealings and double-crosses that just may be the handiwork of his alluring temptress. Will Doherty follow his fixation to a new life...or to a cold grave? Taking readers from the enticing sands of South Beach to the lonely swamps of the Everglades -- where a man could vanish and become alligator food before anyone knows he is missing -- Coffey's mazelike, Hitchcockian tale of a man's lust for a femme fatale builds a modern crime story around the oldest sins in the book -- adultery and murder. In the tradition of Elmore Leonard, Carl Hiaasen, and Edna Buchanan comes an outstanding addition to steamy Floridian noir. Raw with brutal retribution, ignited with passion, Miami Twilight is guaranteed to leave you breathless.

Coffey, Tom - Florida Authors

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