Curl, Donald

Mizner's Florida: American Resort Architecture Mizner's Florida: American Resort Architecture (American Monograph Series) (1985)
This is the first complete biography of the inimitable society architect Addison Mizner, whose Spanish Revival buildings created a new style of resort architecture for Palm Beach and south Florida during the boom years of the 1920s. By 1925, Mizner ranked as one of the country's most prominent architects, as important in his own time as Richard Morris Hunt and Stanford White had been in theirs. The book's 150 illustrations include plans and historical photographs - many published for the first time - showing Mizner's handling of space, the relation of his houses to the landscape, and the many picturesque buildings that combined the comfort and convenience expected by his clients. Donald W. Curl is Professor of History at Florida Atlantic University. The Architectural History Foundation American Monograph Series.

Palm Beach County: An Illustrated History (1986)

Boca Raton (Florida): A Pictorial History (1990)
Florida Atlantic University Florida Atlantic University (College History) (2000)

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