David Kirby

David Kirby Website: David Kirby
Birthplace: Baton Rouge, LA
Current Residence: Tallahassee, FL
Genre: Non-Fiction, Poetry

David Kirk Kirby (1944-) has a B.A. from Louisiana State University and a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University. Kirby is a poet, critic, writer and educator. Kirby has been a English Professor at Florida State University for more than thirty years. Kirby was named Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor for 2003-2004. Kirby has authored twenty two books as well as hundreds of articles, reviews and individual poems during his career at Florida State University.

Book List


The Opera Lover: Poems (1977)
Sarah Bernhardt's Leg: Poems (1983)
Diving for Poems (1985)
Saving the Young Men of Vienna (1987)
Big Leg Music (1995)
My Twentieth Century: Poems (1999)
The House of Blue Light: Poems (2000)
The Travelling Library: Three Poems (2001)
The Ha-Ha: Poems, Louisiana State University Press (Baton Rouge, LA), 2003.
I Think I Am Going to Call My Wife Paraguay: Selected Early Poems, Orchises (Washington, DC), 2004.
The House on Boulevard St.: New and Selected Poems, Louisiana State University Press (Baton Rouge, LA), 2007.


Individual and Community: Variations on a Theme in American Fiction (1975) (Editor, with Kenneth H. Baldwin)
American Fiction to 1900: Guide to Information Sources (1975)
America's Hive of Honey: or, Foreign Influences on American Fiction through Henry James (1980)
Grace King (1980)
The Sun Rises in the Evening: Monism and Quietism in Western Culture (1982)
Dictionary of Contemporary Thought (1984)
The Plural World: An Interdisciplinary Glossary of Contemporary Thought (1984)
Writing Poetry: Where Poems Come from and How to Write Them (1989)
Mark Strand and the Poet's Contemporary Culture (1990)
Boyishness in American Culture: The Charms and Dangers of Social Immaturity (1991)
The Portrait of a Lady and The Turn of the Screw: Henry James and Melodrama (1991)
Herman Melville (1993)
What Is a Book? (2002)
Ultra-Talk: Johnny Cash, the Mafia, Shakespeare, Drum Music, St. Teresa of Avila, and 17 Other Colossal Topics of Conversation (2007)

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