David Sloan

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Current Residence: Key West, FL
Setting: Key West, FL
Genre Non-fiction

David L. Sloan went insane in 1996 and a little voice inside his head told him to quit the corporate world and move to Key West. It was later discovered that the voice was one of his many personalities. He is the founder of Ghost Tours and author of numerous books. While David is frequently called the next Hemingway," this reference is usually applied to his penchant to drinking and death - rarely to his writing.

Book List

Christopher Shultz and David Sloan
The Hangover Survival Guide ~ Key West (2006)
Key West 101 Discovering Paradise (2005)
Don't Do It! 101 Reasons NOT To Marry Her (2004)
Quit Your Job and Move To Key West (2003)

HAUNTED KEY WEST/ STRANGE KEY WEST by David L. Sloan and Matthew Sean Casey (2003)
Ghosts of Key West (1998)

Haunted Key WestGhosts of Key West

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