David Hagberg

David Hagberg Website: David Hagberg
Birthplace: Duluth, MN
Current Residence: Sarasota, FL
Setting: Local and international settings
Genre: mystery, political intrigue, non-fiction
Pseudonyms: David Bannerman, Sean Flannery, David James, Robert Pell, Eric Ramsey

David Hagberg (1942 - ) relies on his experience as a former Air Force cryptographer to create a fictional world of political intrigue that often includes real-life political figures. His most popular series is based on the character, Kirk McGarvey, an assassin with the CIA who is often recruited to foil the terrorist plots of Osama Bin Laden.

Abyss by David Hagberg

Book List

Mutiny: The True Events that Inspired the Hunt for Red October (2008)

By Dawn's Early Light (2003)

Desert Fire (1993)

Heroes (1985)

Heartland (1983)

Last Come The Children (1982)

The Capsule (1976)

Twister (1975)

Kirk McGarvey Series

Abyss (2011)

Allah's Scorpion (2007)

Dance with the Dragon (2007)

Desert Fire (2007)

Soldier of God (2006)

The Kill Zone (2003)

Eden's Gate (2002)

Joshua's Hammer (2000)

White House (1999)

Assassin (1997)

High Flight (1995)

Critical Mass (1992)

Crossfire (1991)

Countdown (1990)

Without Honor (1989)

Writing as David Bannerman

Call of Honor (1985)

Pipeline from Hell (1984)

The Gamov Factor (1983)

The Magic Man (1983)

Writing as Sean Flannery

Achilles' Heel (1998)

Kilo Option (1997)

Winner Take All (1994)

Moving Targets (1992)

Counterstrike (1990)

Crossed Swords (1989)

The Zebra Network (1989)

Moscow Crossing (1988)

Gulag (1987)

Broken Idols (1985)

False Prophets (1983)

The Hollow Men (1982)

The Trinity Factor (1981)

Eagles Fly (1980)

The Kremlin Conspiracy (1979)

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