Deborah Smith Ford

Deborah Smith Ford
Deborah Smith Ford

Birthplace: Sodus, New York
Current Residence: Fort Myers in SW Florida
Setting: Apple farm in upstate New York
Genre: Children fiction

Bio & Links

Deborah Smith Ford was inspired to write her first book, The Little Apple, from her young
upbringing on an apple farm in Wolcott, New York. Later in life, after moving to Florida,
Deborah trained in the areas of teaching, dental assisting, missionary work and currently
is a lifestyle model, actress and celebrity character lookalike.

Deborah continues to model, act in film and television and write books. She is working on
a series about Annie and her travels.

Deborah is also a national writer for the online publication, She writes about
acting and celebrity lookalikes and is a past president and current officer of the United Film
& Television Artists (UFTA) for SW Florida.

Illustrator Susi Galloway Newell studied heraldic arts under a master and was further inspired by
old masters and surrealists. She broadened her scope from heraldic art to fine art, illustration
and design. Her work reflects a fascination for ancient arts, illusion, vibrant colors, beautiful
scenery and unique viewpoints.

Together, Ford and Newell have worked as a team creating The Little Apple - more creative
writing and illustrating adventures to follow!

Book List

Fiction: The Little Apple

The Little Apple

illustrated by: Susi Galloway Newell

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