Don Bruns

Don BrunsWebsite: Don Bruns
Birthplace: Lima, OH
Current Residence: Lima, OH
Setting: Miami, Carol City, Caribbean
Genre: Mystery, Music Industry

Don Bruns (1947-) is a musician, songwriter, advertising executive, and author. He divides his time between his home in Ohio, Florida and the Caribbean.

Stuff to Die For by Don BrunsSouth Beach Shakedown by Don BrunsBarbados Heat by Don BrunsSt. Barts Breakdown by Don BrunsBahama Burnout by Don BrunsMerry Band of Murderers edited by Claudia Bishop and Don BrunsStuff to Spy For by Don Bruns

Book List

Mick Sever Mysteries
Bahama Burnout (2009)
St. Barts Breakdown (2008)
South Beach Shakedown (2006)
Barbados Heat (2003)
Jamaica Blue (2002)

Stuff Mysteries
Hot Stuff (2012)
Too Much Stuff (2011)
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (2011)
Stuff to Spy For (2009)
Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (2008)
Stuff to Die For (2007)

Merry Band of Murderers (2006) edited by Claudia Bishop and Don Bruns

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