E. H. Haines

Current Residence: Ft. Meyers, Florida
Setting: Various
Genre: Non-Fiction and Historical Fiction

E. H. Haines lives in Fort Myers, Florida. He spent five years researching this book and has visited every major site on the de Soto route through the Southeast. He has also written historical novels about the Indians of the American West, Kit Carson, and the Civil War. He is presently working on a novel about Ponce De Leon.

Book List

For God, Gold, and Glory: de Soto's Journey to the Heart of La Florida (2008)
The Hard Hand of War: a Novel of the Civil War (2007)
The Bravest of the Brave: the Court-Martial of Kit Carson (2004)
Spirit of the Scalp (2003)
Spirit of the Trail (2003)

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