Eboni Snoe

Eboni SnoeWebsite: http://www.ebonisnoe.com/
Birthplace: Gary, Indiana
Current Residence:
Setting: Florida, Various
Genre: Romance

Eboni Snoe was born, December 8, 1955 as Gwyn Ferris Williams in Gary, Indiana, she attended Fisk University for one year.

Book List

Something Deep in My Bones (2005)
When Everything's Said and Done (2004)
More Than You Know (2004)
A Diamon's Allure (2003)
The Ties That Bind (2002)
Followin' a Dream (2001)
Wishin' on a Star (2000)
A Chance on Lovin' You (1999)
Tell Me I'm Dreamin (1998)
Emerald's Fire (1997)
The Passion Ruby (1995)
Beguiled (1994)
Sheiks Spell (1992)

Something Deep in My BonesWhen Everything's Said and DoneMore Than You KnowA Diamond's AllureThe Ties That BindFollowin' a DreamWishin' on a StarA Chance on Lovin' YouTell Me I'm Dreamin'Emerald's FireThe Passion RubyBeguiled

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