Edmund Skellings

Edmund SkellingsWebsite: http://research.fit.edu/edmundskellings/
Birthplace: Ludlow, Massachusetts
Current Residence: Melbourne, Florida
Genre: Poetry

Poet Laureate of Florida since 1980

Edmund Skellings, Poet Laureate of Florida since 1980, graduated with English honors from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He received his doctorate in English from the University of Iowa, where he taught prosody and metrics in the Iowa Writer's Workshop. (Wikipedia, accessed 5/21/12)

Skellings began forging a new frontier for poetry as early as the Sixties with experiments in electronic audio and television as appropriate media to expand poetry's audience. In 1960, he produced the first record-book, Duels and Duets, whose covers contained vinyl recording of the poet's voice. Duels and Duets won the Chicago Midwest Award for Book Design. (Edmund Skellings Collection, accessed 5/21/12)

During the Seventies, he produced stage presentations at colleges and universities using multiple speakers and film and video projections. Skellings is well known worldwide for his computer animated poems, which have won television prizes in Berlin, Tokyo, Madrid, Miami, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles and were shown on national PBS by The Johns Hopkins University. (Edmund Skellings Collection, accessed 5/23/12)

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Book List
  • Poetry Books:
    Collected Poems, 1958-1998 (University Press of Florida, Gainesville, FL), 1998.

    Living Proof, (University Press of Florida, Gainesville, FL), 1987.

    Showing My Age, (University Press of Florida, Gainesville, FL), 1978.

    Face Value, (University Press of Florida, Gainesville, FL),1977.

    Heart Attacks, (University Press of Florida, Gainesville, FL),1976.


    Word Songs, DVD, Florida Center for Electronic Communication, 2002.

    Selected Poems, CD, University Press of Florida, 1997.

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