Edna Buchanan

Edna BuchananWebsite:Edna Buchanan
Birthplace: Paterson, New Jersey
Current Residence: Miami, FL
Setting: Miami, FL
Genre: Mystery, Crime

Edna Buchanan (1938-) has worked as a reporter for the Miami Beach Daily Sun and as the police beat reporter for the Miami Herald. Buchanan was one of the first female crime reporters in Miami. In 1986, Buchanan won the Pulitzer Prize for ten unrelated police beat stories. Buchanan wrote two non-fiction crime related books before taking a leave of absence from the Herald to write her first novel in 1988. Her first novel, Nobody Lives Forever, earned her an Edgar Award nomination. Buchanan has lived in Miami for more than twenty-five years.

Dark and Lonely Place by Edna BuchananLove kills : a Brit Montero novelThe ice maidenLegally Dead by Edna BuchananCold Case Squad by Edna BuchananShadows by Edna Buchanan

Book List:

Michael Venturi Series

Legally Dead (2008)

Britt Montero Series

Love Kills (2007)
Ice Maiden (2002)
You Only Die Twice (2001)
Garden of Evil (1999)
Margin of Error (1997)
Act of Betrayal (1996)
Suitable for Framing (1995)
Miami, It's Murder (1994)
Contents Under Pressure (1992)

Cold Case Squad Series

Shadows (2005)
Cold Case Squad (2004)


Dark and Lonely Place (2011)
Pulse (2002)
Nobody Lives Forever (1990)


Never Let Them See You Cry: More From Miami, America's Hottest Beat (1992)
Corpse Had A Familiar Face: Covering Miami, America's Hottest Beat (1987)

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