Elna C. Green

Looking for the New DealWebsite:
Birthplace: North Carolina
Current Residence: Tallahassee, FL
Setting: Various
Genre: Non-fiction, History

Elna C. Green is the Allen Morris Professor of History at Florida State University in Tallahassee. Originally from North Carolina, she is a graduate of Wake Forest and Tulane Universities.

Book List

(editor) Looking for the New Deal: Florida Women's Letters during the Great Depression (Women's Diaries and Letters of the South) (2007)
This Business of Relief: Confronting Poverty in a Southern City, 1740-1940 (2003)
(Editor) The New Deal and Beyond: Social Welfare in the South since 1930 (2003)
(Editor) Before the New Deal: Social Welfare in the South, 1830-1930 (1999)
Southern Strategies: Southern Women and the Woman Suffrage Question (1997)

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