Eugene F. Provenzo Jr.

Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr.Website: Eugene F. Provenzo Jr.
Birthplace: Buffalo, New York
Current Residence: Miami, Florida
Setting: United States
Genre: Non-Fiction, Children's Non-Fiction

Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr. is a professor at the University of Miami. He has written numerous books about Florida history as well as books about teaching. Another focus of his research has been children and computers and Provenzo has published books on this subject as well.

Book List

In the Eye of Hurricane Andrew with Asterie Baker Provenzo (2002)
Teaching, Learning, and Schooling: A Twenty-first Century Perspective (2002)
Du Bois on Education (editor, 2002)
Allyn & Bacon Education on the Net with Doug Gotthoffer (2001)
Quick Guide to the Internet for Education with Doug Gotthoffer (2000)
The Internet and the World Wide Web for Preservice Teachers (1999)
Computers, Curriculum, and Cultural Change: An Introduction for Teachers With Arlene Brett and Gary N. McCloskey (1999)
The Educator's Brief Guide to the Internet and the World Wide Web (1998)
Schoolteachers and Schooling: Ethoses in Conflict (1996)
The Educator's Brief Guide to Computers in the Schools (1996)
Hurricane Andrew, the Public Schools, and the Rebuilding of Community, With Sandra H. Fradd (1995)
Adaptive Technology for Special Human Needs, With Arlene Brett (1995)
Schooling in the Light of Popular Culture, Editor, with Paul Farber and Gunilla Holm (1994)
Farm Security Administration Photographs of Florida With Michael Carlebach (1993)
The Complete Playground Book With Arlene Brett and Robin Moore (1993)
Video Kids: Making Sense of Nintendo (1991)
Religious Fundamentalism and American Education: The Battle for the Public Schools (1990)
To Be a Teacher: Cases, Concepts, Observation Guides, With Marilyn Cohn and Robert Kottkamp (1987)
An Introduction to Education in American Society (1986)
Beyond the Gutenberg Galaxy: Microcomputers and the Emergence of Post-Typographic Culture (1986)
An Adventure with Children, Editor and author of introduction, with mother, Therese M. Provenzo (1985)
History of Education and Culture in America, With H. Warren Button (1983)
Education on the Forgotten Frontier: A Centennial History of the Founding of the Dade County Public Schools, With Peter A. Zorn, Jr., and Asterie Baker Provenzo (1985)
Pursuing the Past: Oral History, Photography, Family History, and Cemeteries, With wife, Asterie Baker Provenzo (1983)
The Complete Block Book, With Arlene Brett (1983)
The Historian As Detective, With Betty Hall and others (1979)
The History of the St. Louis Car Company, With David A. Young (1978)

Books Written with Charles T. Mangrum

Thinking Like a Scientist: Learning How Scientists Think and Work (1998)
Thinking Like a Historian: Learning How Historians Think and Work (1998)
Thinking Like a Writer: Learning How Writers Think and Work (1998)
Thinking Like a Mathematician: Learning How Mathematicians Think and Work (1998)
Take Five: Daily Classroom Activities in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Humanities, with with Mykel J. Mangrum (1996)
Learning Online: The Voyage of Apollo 11: Mission to the Moon (1996)

For Children, With Wife Asterie Baker Provenzo

Play It Again: Historic Board Games You Can Make and Play Yourself (1990)
Forty-seven Easy-to-Do Science Experiments (1989)
The Historian's Toybox: Children's Toys from the Past You Can Make Yourself (1989)
Rediscovering Photography (1980)
Rediscovering Astronomy (1979)

For Children, with Peter A. Zorn and Asterie Baker Provenzo

Spad XIII and Spad VII (1982)
Fokker Dr. 1 Triplanes (1982)
The Ford Trimotor 5-AT (1982)
The Spirit of Louis Ryan NYP (1982)

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