Florida Authors Wiki Inclusion Standards

Definition of an Author:
An author is any person who has created and traditionally published a book. Authors who only have books that are published through self-publishing venues and e-books are not currently included. A Florida Author can be either the writer, or an illustrator or photographer for a picture book, or the editor of an anthology. Poets who have published collections of their poetry will be included.

Eligibility for Inclusion: An author will be included in the Florida Authors Wiki if he or she meets at least one of the following criteria:

1. The author is or has been a legal resident of Florida.

2. The author writes about Florida, either actual places or fictional specifically set in Florida.

3. The author has produced significant work while writing in Florida and whose work is informed by his or her Florida surroundings. For example, a writer who completes a book while at a Florida writer-in-residency may be eligible for inclusion.

If you would like to be included in the Florida Authors Wiki, either add yourself using the Author Template Revised or send an email to Stacy Alesi requesting to be added to our website. Please include a brief biographical paragraph that shows how you fall under one or more of our criteria.

Ineligible Items: Certain items not eligible for inclusion:

Article publications in journals or periodicals
Stories published in anthologies
Thesis dissertations
Audio-visual or other non-print works
Electronic works not also produced and sold in print
Government Documents

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