Frank G. Slaughter

Frank G. Slaughter
Birthplace: Washington, D.C.
Genre: Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Medical

Frank Slaughter (1908-2001) received his medical degree from John Hopkins Medical School, Baltimore, in 1930. He spent four years in surgical training at the Jefferson Hospital, Roanoke, Virginia. In 1933 he married Jane Mundy, a former operating room nurse; they had two sons. They moved in 1934 to Florida, where Slaughter worked as a staff surgeon at Herman Kiefer Hospital, Jacksonville, from 1934 to 1943. Slaughter died on May 17, 2001 in Jacksonville, where he had lived for nearly five decades.

Book List

Transplant, Hutchinson (1987)
No Greater Love (1985)
Doctors At Risk (1983)
Doctor's Daughters (1981)
Gospel Fever (1980)
The Passionate Rebel (1979)
Devil's Gamble: A Novel of Demonology (1978)
Plague Ship (1976)
Stonewall Brigade (1975)
Women in White (1974)
Convention, M.D.: A Novel of Medical In-fighting (1972)
Code Five (1971)
Countdown (1970)
Surgeon's Choice: A Novel of Medicine Tomorrow (1969)
The Sins of Herod: A Novel of Rome and the Early Church (1968)
Doctors' Wives (1967)
God's Warrior (1967)
Surgeon, U.S.A. (1966)
The Healer: A Drama in Two Acts (based on novel of same title), Samuel French (1962)
The Purple Quest: A Novel of Seafaring Adventure in the Ancient World (1965)
Constantine: The Miracle of the Flaming Cross (1965)
A Savage Place (1964)
Devil's Harvest (1963)
Upon This Rock: A Novel of Simon Peter, Prince of the Apostles, Coward (1963)
Tomorrow's Miracle (1962)
Epidemic! (1961)
The Curse of Jezebel: A Novel of the Biblical Queen of Evil (1961)
The Land and the Promise: The Greatest Stories from the Bible, World Publishing (1960)
Pilgrims in Paradise (1960)
Lorena (1959)
The Thorn of Arimathea (1959)
The Crown and the Cross: The Life of Christ, World Publishing (1959)
Trio (contains That None Should Die, In a Dark Garden, and The Road to Bithynia) (1959)
(Under pseudonym C. V. Terry) The Deadly Lady of Madagascar (1959)
Deep Is the Shadow -1959, published as Shadow of Evil, Pocket Books (1975)
Daybreak (1958)
Under pseudonym C. V. Terry) The Golden Ones (1957)
The Mapmaker: A Novel of the Days of Prince Henry, the Navigator (1957)
Sword and Scalpel (1957)
The Scarlet Cord: A Novel of the Woman of Jericho (1956)
The Warrior, 1956, published as Flaming Frontier, Jarrolds (1957)
(Under pseudonym C. V. Terry) Darien Venture, Hanover House (1955)
The Healer (also see below) (1955)
Flight from Natchez (1955)
Apalachee Gold: The Fabulous Adventures of Cabeza de Vaca (juvenile) (1954)
The Song of Ruth: A Love Story from the Old Testament (1954)
(Under pseudonym C. V. Terry) Buccaneer Surgeon, Hanover House (1954)
Storm Haven (1953)
The Galileans: A Novel of Mary Magdalene (1953)
East Side General (1952)
Fort Everglades (1951), reprinted, Pocket Books (1966)
The Road to Bithynia: A Novel of Luke, the Beloved Physician
The Stubborn Heart (1950)
Divine Mistress (1949)
Sangaree (1948)
The Golden Isle (1947)
In a Dark Garden (1946)
A Touch of Glory (1945)
Battle Surgeon (1944)
Air Surgeon (1943)
Spencer Brade, M.D. (1942)
That None Should Die (1941)

TransplantNo Greater LoveDoctors At RiskPassionate RebelShadow of EvilStonewall BrigadeDeep is the ShadowLifebloodCode FiveConvention M.D.Purple QuestPlague ShipCountdownSurgeon's ChoiceThe Sins of Herod: A Novel of Rome And the Early ChurchFlaming FrontierWar SurgeonGod's WarriorDoctor's WivesSurgeon, U.S.A.Contantine: The Miracle of the Flaming CrossDevil's HarvestA Savage PlaceJezebel: Queen of EvilUpon This Rock: A Novel of Simon Peter, Prince of the ApostlesTomorrow's MiracleQueen of EvilEast Side GeneralDavid: Warrior And KingEpidemic!The Land and the PromiseFlight from NatchezLorenaThe Crown and the Cross: The Life of ChristThe Thorn of Arimathea: A Novel of the Days Following the Cruxifixion

The Conqueror of Childbed Fever (1962)
The New Science of Surgery revised edition published as Science and Surgery - (1956)
Medicine for Moderns: The New Science of Psychosomatic Medicine (1947), published as The New Way to Mental and Physical Health (1949), published as Your Body and Your Mind: The New Science of
Immortal Magyar: Semmelweis
Conquerer of Childbed Fever (1950)
Psychosomatic Medicine (1958)

Medicine for Moderns: The New Science of Psychosomatic Medicine
Women in White (1979)
The Warrior (film titled Naked in the Sun) (1957)
Sangaree (1953)

Naked in the SunSangaree

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