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Beyond the Call Beyond the Call (1999)
Loosely based on true events, this is a compelling novel which addresses the problem of brutality and corruption that has stained virtually every major police agency in the United States in the twentieth century. This stark eye-opener reveals how pervasive abuse of power can survive inside a law enforcement organization which is mired in bureaucratic detail and the blind ambition of its members. Follow the probationary year of a young rookie cop assigned to the steamy rural areas of south Miami-Dade County, Florida where he is faced with the choice of being a rat or turning a blind eye to preserve his career while being trained by over-the-hill officers who dispense street justice the old fashioned way. Murder, deceit, perjury, suspense, near-death experiences and even romance enter into his short tenure as Ira. J. Harvey loses nearly everything dear to him, including his self respect. Sparked by a colorful array of powerful characters from all sides of the fence, this story will chill any reader who cares to know the truth about the "blue wall of silence" and what can be done to change the system, told by a retired career captain from Miami who lived it, smelled it, survived it and wrote about it.
Dire Straits Dire Straits (2001)
This is a gripping, suspense-filled police thriller set amidst the exotic ambience of Miami, Florida, where sex,, violence and corruption is the trademark of life in the fast lane. Cuban-bom homicide detective, Mike Estevez, responds to a posh suburban mansion where the investigation of a grisly mass murder becomes anything but routine. While struggling with department politics, the ensuing week drives this highly regarded cop to the edge of personal disaster as he not only coordinates the hunt for a rampant serial killer, he must grapple with a gutwrenching dilemma that no one else must know about.Meanwhile, the search is on for a surviving witness known only as Mirage, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time for more reasons than one. The mystery woman spends a harrowing seven days stalked by a relentless killer while she frantically conceals her identity from police, lest her entire world will collapse. Tension remains high from page one to the very end of this suspense drama which offers an engaging cast of characters in and out of the police ranks. The novel will be hauntingly familiar to many Americans who have dealt with obsession and conflict between love of family and love of career. It also tells about municipal politics, internal corruption, incompetency, prejudice, affirinative action in police ranks, drug killings, and realistic crime scene investigation, not to mention sex and violence, Miami style. This novel is not for the light-hearted. The author is a former Miami-Dade County homicide investigator who brings authenticity to scenes of murder and violence, as well as the seedy side of police conduct only a cop would know.
On My Father's Grave On My Father's Grave (2003)
For forty-seven years, she had never questioned her identity. The daughter of an infamous crime boss and former New York City showgirl,Vicki Valentine suddenly discovers that her Mafioso father is not her father after all, and that her true father had mysteriously died in 1959. With the help of boyfriend, Holt Whitaker, Vicki launches a tenacious personal investigation that takes her from steamy Miami to NewYork trying to unravel the mystery surrounding the fate of her father, only to stumble upon a conundrum of old family secrets that threaten her very existence. When Holt is jailed for the murder of her ex-husband, Vicki finds herself standing alone in the face of perilous mob obstacles. Desperate to find her roots and expose the decades of lies,Vicki remains steadfast in her search for the truth.While on a mission to discover her lost past, this mother of a hearing-impaired boy faces an uncertain future, a marriage proposal and an eroding relationship with her alcoholic mother, who desperately seeks to retain her daughter's love, but dares not betray her beloved husband. Inspired by true events, this heart-wrenching novel is dotted with murder, deceit, panic, strange forensic twists, romance, family tragedy and enough surprises to keep suspense lovers on the edge from cover to cover.
CALL ME MOMMY Call Me Mommy (2005)
Set in southeast Florida and inspired by true events, Call Me Mommy is an emotionally charged suspense saga about family dysfunction, corruption, murder, romance, tragedy and the unconditional love of one woman that will rip the reader's heartstrings.
The Latent: A Miami Novel The Latent (2006)
Called to a bloody murder scene at an oceanside motel in North Miami Beach, Florida, award- winning homicide detective, Rockford Burgamy, is embroiled in a baffling case that plunges him into a series of roadblocks in which his most serious adversary is himself. Down-on-his-luck, broke, a twice divorced father of two, Burgamy must conduct his investigation within the unfamiliar culture of gay life while the department imposes unyielding pressures that threatens to destroy his morale. As the probe unveils a pattern of serial killings, the case also triggers a resurrection of haunting childhood events that had altered Burgamy's life forever. The ordeal ultimately leads to a conclusion no one would have ever anticipated, including himself.

Militant Islam in America From Violins to Violence: A Memoir (2007)
In From Violins To Violence: A Memoir. Marshall Frank bares all about his transition from a classical violinist, dancer and stepson of a Miami Beach mobster, to becoming one of Miami-Dade County’s premier homicide detectives. In a most compelling autobiography, Frank shares many personal and professional experiences.

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