G.W. Reynolds III

G.W. Reynolds
Website: http://www.jettyman.com/
Current Residence: Jacksonville, FL

Dr. G. W. Reynolds, III has served as a teacher, coach and administrator. His doctoral research at the University of North Florida and his experiences with the pre-natal drug exposed children prompted him to write his novel, Sin City. Reynolds is a lifelong resident of Jacksonville Beach Florida, where he lives with his family.

Book List

Ditch Walker (2007)
Hoochie Coochie (2006)
Sin City (2003)
Joe Jumpers (2003)
Horny Toads (2002)
Roads End (2001)
Mullet Run (2000)
Jetty Man (1999)

Ditch Walker - book 9 of Jettyman SeriesJetty ManMullet RunOak BabyHorny Toad

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