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Straits of Fortune (2007)
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*Starred Review* Miami personal trainer Jack Vaughn's work has brought him into contact with the city's glitterati--fabulously wealthy businesspeople, beautiful women, porn producers, and well-to-do, socially connected MDs. During the hot, humid Miami summer, many leave the city, and Jack has more time for fishing. So a call from the Colonel, a former client and a decorated Green Beret turned owner of a pharma company, is a surprising and welcome break from catching dinner. But the call also spurs memories of Vivian, the Colonel's bewitching daughter; and it pulls Jack into a lethal scheme involving designer drugs, porn, megayachts, Cuban spies, and multiple murders. Before it's over, Jack has been shot at, beaten, drugged, and run over by a speedboat driven by a psychopathic, 'roid-raged giant who was "too crazy for the Green Berets" and on the run from the DEA, FBI, INS, and the Miami PD.Straits of Fortune is a ripping good Florida yarn, part Carl Hiassen, part Randy Wayne White, and first-novelist Gagliano is quick with a good, hard-boiled simile. It's a safe bet that Jack will be back--and that the many fans of Hiassen, White, and the rest of the Florida crime pantheon will add Gagliano to their list of must-reads. Thomas Gaughan
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Gagliano, Anthony - Florida Authors

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