Gary, Vernon

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Shadows of IRS (2000)
Written by a former IRS Chief, the story is fiction based on fact! Explore the integrity, ethics and sanity of an out-of-control agency with South Florida as the backdrop.
Vernon Gary blends 21 years of IRS experiences in major metropolitan cities from coast-to-coast into an action-packed story about ..."the most secretive bureaucracy in our government"... {US Senator Roth, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee}. Jane Bussey with The Miami Herald called it "An intriguing tale!" So, hold onto your emotions and allow Vernon Gary to take you on a rollercoaster ride into the secret culture of the IRS! While telling an exciting mystery story (Our protagonist, Bill Murdock, stumbles into a deadly secret that touches the nerves of a drug cartel, IRS bigwigs, and a powerful group of South Florida businessmen) you'll learn: how IRS targets people, the investigative tools they use to track people and confiscate their assets, IRS procedures, and some deadly consequences! They know all about you; why don't you learn something about them? Reads like a mystery novel.

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