George Fichter

Daniel Keyes - Florida AuthorsBirthplace: Hamilton, OH
Last Residence: Deland, FL
Setting: Florida
Genre: Non-Fiction

George Fichter was a professional biologist. He was the editor of a national fishing magazine and wrote numerous guides and textbooks.

Book List

The Sunshine State Cookbook (2000)
Endangered Animals (1995) with Kristen Kest
A Guide to Fresh and Salt-Water Fishing (1987)
Florida in Pictures (1979)

Juvenile Non-Fiction
Cardinals, Robins, and Other Birds (1993) with Patricia Topper
Snakes and Lizards (1993) with David Mooney
Starfish, Seashells and Crabs (1993) with George F SandstroĢˆm
Turtles, Toads, and Frogs (1993) with Barbara Hoopes Ambler
Butterflies and Moths (1993) with Kristen Kest
Poisonous Animals (1991)
Floridians All (1991)
Whales, Dolphins and Other Marine Animals (1991) with Barbara J Hoopes Ambler
First Steamboat Down the Mississippi (1989) with Joe Boddy
Underwater Farming (1988)
Cells (1986) with Anne Canevari Green
Wildflowers of North America: An Audubon Society Beginner Guide (1982) with Dot Barlowe
Karts and Karting (1982)
Reptiles & amphibians of North America : an Audubon Society beginner guide (1982) with Sy Barlowe
Comets and meteors (1982)
Birds of North America : an Audubon Society beginner's guide (1982) with Arthur Singer
Rocks & minerals (1982) with Patricia Wynne
Space Shuttle (1981)
The bulge of Africa : Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, and Equatorial Guinea (1981)
Disastrous Fires (1981)
How the Plains Indians Lived (1980) with Alexander Farquharson
Snakes Around the World (1980) with Frankie Coventry
Insect Pests (1980) with Nicholas Strekalovsky
Snakes (1979) with Frankie Coventry
Working Dogs (1979)
Keeping amphibians and reptiles as pets (1979)
Raquetball (1979) with Rod Slater

Sunshine State Cookbook by George S. FichterWhales, Dolphins and Other Marine Mammals by George S. FichterEndangered Animals by George S. Fichter

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