Ginny Rorby

Ginny Rorby Website: Ginny Rorby
Birthplace: Washington, DC
Current Residence: Fort Bragg, CA
Setting: Florida
Genre: Young Adult, Juvenile Fiction

Ginny Rorby (1944-) was raised in Winter Park, FL. Rorby was an airline flight attendant based out of Miami for over twenty years. Rorby holds an undergraduate degree in biology from the University of Miami and an MFA in Creative Writing from Florida International University. Her young adult novel, Dolphin Sky, was nominated for the Keystone Reading Award. Ginny Rorby is also co-director of the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference, now in its 15th year. She lives in Fort Bragg, California.

Into Eden by Ginny RorbyHurt Go Happy by Ginny RorbyDolphin Sky by Ginny RorbyOutside of a Horse by Ginny Rorby

Book List

Young Adult Fiction
Lost in a River of Grass (2011)
The Outside of a Horse (2010)
Hurt Go Happy (2008)

Juvenile Fiction
Dolphin Sky (1996)

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