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Florida's Civil War
Runaway Runaway (1994)
From Library Journal
A prolific author of historical and contemporary romances (e.g., Spirit of the Season, Delacorte, 1993), Graham here begins a new multivolume family saga. Set in Florida during the 1830s, the story follows Tara Brent, who is running from a murder charge. She meets Jarrett McKenzie, who rescues her from her pursuers by marrying her and taking her to his plantation on the Florida frontier. At first frightened by the wilderness and the natives she sees as "savages," Tara learns to love Jarrett, his home, and the people he loves. The story is predictable, and the narrative flow is often interrupted by brief vignettes of Florida history. In addition, Graham's superficially drawn characters are stereotypes of the stubborn lovers unwilling to communicate. Although this novel is not one of the author's best, expect demand based on her popularity and reputation.
Barbara E. Kemp, SUNY at Albany
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Captive Captive (1996)
Visiting the exotic Florida Territory for the first time, sheltered Virginia belle Teela Warren falls for half-Native American James McKenzie, but their forbidden love is challenged by the Indian Wars.
Rebel Rebel (1997)
Alaina McMann fears she will succumb to the brazen sensuality of Union major Ian McKenzie, who is ordered to capture the Confederacy's most notorious--and seductive--spy, known as the Moccasin, who also happens to be his wife.
Surrender Surrender (1998)
From Publishers Weekly
Graham (Rebel; Captive) sets her latest McKenzie family saga in Civil War-era Florida, a refreshing, unique backdrop for that bloody struggle. Most of the action takes place at sea, where swashbuckling rebel captain Jerome McKenzie, skipper of the Lady Varina (after Jefferson Davis's wife), is big, bold, and has Seminole blood running in his veins. Beautiful, bold Risa Magee, a Union general's daughter who nurses the wounded, is his nemesis. Mutual hatred turns into turbulent love?but not before multiple misunderstandings threaten to tear the fragile relationship apart. It's a classic formula historical romance, but Graham does it better than anyone. Assured narratives, deft characterizations and fast-moving plots are givens. But this is also a classic bodice-ripper with chemises, bodices, pantalets and other delicate flimsies strewn throughout. It's not to everyone's taste, but Graham does it well.
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Glory Glory (1999)
From Publishers Weekly
In Confederate Florida, a healer reputed to be a witch fights her own civil war against the man she loves, in the conclusion of Graham's McKenzie Chronicles (Surrender etc.). Widow Rhiannon Tremaine, who harbors Union sympathies, betrays a Confederate platoon encamped at her plantation house and is taken prisoner by Julian McKenzie, the doctor who heads the platoon. Denying their mutual passion, they later separate, until the heroine's extrasensory powers bring them together. Graham knows how to spin an effective love story, but her unnecessary plot summaries of the previous McKenzie tales slow the momentum. Some unresolved threads?and the fact that the war has not ended by the book's end?give hope that the series will continue after all.
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Triumph Triumph (2000)
Heather Graham's acclaimed Florida Civil War series has achieved near-classic status--capturing readers' hearts with an epic family saga as bold and passionate as America itself...

Now comes the long-awaited sixth and final novel in the New York Times bestselling series. In Triumph, the Civil War is drawing to an end--as friends are reunited, enemies reconciled, and lovers put to the ultimate test.

Romantic Suspense

Drop Dead Gorgeous Drop Dead Gorgeous (1998)
From Publishers Weekly
All of Lori Kelly Corcoran's friends are drop dead gorgeous, so which one grew up to be a serial killer in her hometown of Coconut Grove, and who murdered her pal Mandy Olin 15 years before? Lori, a teacher and sportswear designer, has returned to take care of her sick dad. Also back in town is Sean Black, the sexy boy from the other side of the tracks who was tried for Mandy's death and acquitted. Now a respected forensic archeologist, a professor and the author of bestselling thrillers (sorry, fiction is stranger than truth), Sean has returned to South Florida to sort out his troubled past. In Graham's first contemporary romance, she leaves behind the cliches of her reliably titillating bodice rippers for the cliches of romantic suspense, including the formula psychopath who speaks his inner monologues in italics. In a new twist, her beta couple indulge in a threesome, giving the experienced reader at least one coarse setpiece she has not read a thousand times over.
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Tall, Dark, and Deadly Tall, Dark, and Deadly (1999)
From Publishers Weekly
A deranged man is on the loose in Miami, killing women and dumping their bodies into gator-infested swamps. Now the madman has kidnapped beautiful, bitchy, lascivious lawyer Marnie Newscastle, and her friend Samantha Miller must convince authorities that Marnie's absence is no wild weekend fling. To make matters worse, Samantha discovers her new neighbor is Rowan Dillon, a man she once loved but who betrayed her years before. With a setup like this, Graham's (Glory; Drop Dead Gorgeous) latest should pack a wallop, but, surprisingly, it doesn'tAeven with strippers and a long list of suspects added to the mix. While the burgeoning romance between Samantha and Rowan is handled well, Graham's portrayal of a murdererAthat someone so "handsome and virile" simply couldn't be crazyAna?ve. The lost-and-found love story works; the suspense simply doesn't. (July)
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Hurricane Bay
Hurricane Bay (2002)
From Publishers Weekly
A major sea change works wonders for romance stalwart Graham (Night of the Blackbird), yielding a suspenseful, sexy thriller set in the Florida Keys. Sheila Warren has gone missing; given her penchant for drugging and carousing, this surprises no one but her old friend Kelsey Cunningham. Kelsey, who has a romantic history with Sheila's old boyfriend and local PI Dane Whitelaw, confronts him when she learns he was the last to see her. Though Dane knows Sheila is dead the killer sent him a photo of the body with evidence that would frame him for the murder he keeps mum. Kelsey moves into the duplex Sheila shared with their friend Cindy. With the help of boatman Jorge Marti; Sheila's ex, Larry; and Dane (the only one who knows he's looking for a body), Kelsey tries to find her. The four fear that she is a victim of a serial killer known as the Necktie Strangler, but they also suspect that Kelsey's reprobate stepfather, Andy Latham, had a hand in her disappearance. Things get more complicated when Kelsey surmises that Dane is the killer; Kelsey and Cindy are attacked; Kelsey's ex, Nate, has a run-in with Andy; and Dane learns a dangerous secret of Jorge's. The latter leads to a confrontation with one of Sheila's playmates, a local drug smuggler. Though the prose often goes purple and the dialogue sags in spots, Graham builds jagged suspense that will keep readers guessing up to the final pages.
Dead on the Dance Floor
Dead on the Dance Floor (2004)
From Publishers Weekly
Prolific romance author Graham, with more than 90 novels to her credit, sets her new romantic suspense tale in the world of professional ballroom dance. At the Moonlight Sonata Dance Studio in Miami Beach, coaching for professional competitions is available, as is recreational dance instruction. When Lara Trudeau, imperious star professional, drops dead after a performance, authorities, citing a lethal combination of pills and alcohol, deem the death accidental. But patrolman Doug O'Casey, a new dance student and Lara's most recent lover, suspects foul play, as do some associates, including the studio manager, Shannon Mackay. Doug finally persuades his brother Quinn, a private investigator, to sign up for dance lessons so he can look into the case. Meanwhile, in the vicinity of the dance studio, several seemingly unrelated murders occur. Quinn begins to fall in love with his dance instructor, Shannon, although she could be the murderer he seeksâ€"for that matter, so could his brother. When Shannon gets a cryptic message, "You're next!" she's determined to find the killer herself; her efforts put her in harm's way. The story isn't all suspicions and chills: readers can learn something about salsa, tango and waltz contests, and there's a touching bit about a homeless girl who's a natural dancer and finds a home. Graham's more suggestible fans will doubtless put on their dancing shoes and head for the nearest Arthur Murray studio.
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Killing Kelly
Killing Kelly (2005)
From Publishers Weekly
"Kelly smiled deeply at that, a full, rueful grin." "This is Sam," she said ruefully. "Sorry." Sam is a dog and maybe the only character who doesn't do rueful in bestselling Graham's (Night Heat, etc.) clunky romantic suspense tale. Soap actress Kelly Trent, who plays bitchy advice diva Marla Valentine, is given a lengthy, unsought leave of absence after a number of death threats, some near-lethal "accidents" and the murders of three real-life advice therapists. Her consolation prize is a starring role in a music video for the rock group Kill Me Quick, to promote their new song "Tango to Terror." Filming will take place on a private Florida island—Dead Man's Key. Can it be that Kelly's in danger? She doesn't think so, but her manager does. Enter Doug O'Casey, not-quite-retired private eye and tango instructor. Kelly resents his insistence that she needs his protection, but she's attracted in spite of herself. "One of the very slow, rueful smiles she found so appealing curled onto his lips." Graham introduces enough red herrings to make a seafood salad, while the ending leaves no doubt that Doug and Kelly will exchange rueful smiles forever after. Best moments: the tango scenes. (Mar.)
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Killing Edge by Heather GrahamKilling Edge (2010)
From Publishers Weekly
In this captivating novel of paranormal romantic suspense from bestseller Graham (Deadly Gift), part-time model and psychologist Chloe Marin, a traumatized survivor of what was billed as the Teen Massacre at a Florida beach house 10 years earlier, has new reason to be afraid. Colleen Rodriguez, one of the models at Chloe's Miami Beach agency, has gone missing while on a shoot in the Florida Keys. Investigating Colleen's disappearance is PI Luke Cane, whose tortured past makes him a perfect match for Chloe, and the pair soon give in to their mutual attraction. Complementing the sensual love scenes are Chloe's chilling visions of ghosts of the victims of her horrific brush with death as a high school senior. Just when Chloe thinks she can look happily to the future, eerie similarities surface between a crime in New Orleans and the massacre. Romance fans will have no reason to complain. (Apr.)
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When Next We Love
When Next We Love (1983)
"I'll never see things your way!" Leigh Tremayne raged. Arrogant, imperious, Derek Mallory -- famed English rock star -- watched her with mock surprise. Had he summoned her to his palatial estate on Star Island to offer her the chance to prove her own talent... or merely to punish her? She was his best friend's widow. He would never admit the truth... or stop blaming her for Richard's death. Like a cobra, his magnetic eyes hypnotized. Leigh was lulled by his sleek, fluid grace only to be struck by his swift venomous attack. As the hurricane ravaged the Florida coast, she was his prisoner, trapped in a storm of emotions. She ached for him... hated him. What did she want -- savage surrender . . . or her own bittersweet revenge? She was his best friend's widow. He would never admit the truth... or stop blaming her for Richard's death. Like a cobra, his magnetic eyes hypnotized. Leigh was lulled by his sleek, fluid grace only to be struck by his swift venomous attack. As the hurricane ravaged the Florida coast, she was his prisoner, trapped in a storm of emotions. She ached for him... hated him. What did she want -- savage surrender... or her own bittersweet revenge?
Tender Taming
Tender Taming (1983)
A fine beginning! It was pitch-dark, raining snakes and alligators, and she was totally lost -- stumbling blindly through the treacherous Everglades! PR Director Whitney Latham had been confident she could pave the way for a modem housing development on disputed Seminole land, convinced that even J.E. Stewart, the Indians' shrewd representative, could be "handled." She hadn't a doubt until she found herself face down in the Florida swamp... until the formidable White Eagle appeared out of nowhere to sweep her into his arms, carry her to his isolated cabin, and dare her to enter a realm of savage beauty where love was still a passionate, untamed territory.
Dante's Daughter
Dante's Daughter (1986)
Her Life Depended on It. Or at least her future as an aspiring young journalist. That was the only reason Katie Hudson would confront the man she'd always resented. Her in-depth interview with Kent Hart, super receiver for the Sarasota Saxons, turned into a series of threatening encounters, each one more dangerous than the last. Not only did Kent insist on setting his own tyrannical terms, he made it his business to protect Katie. She could take care of herself, thank you. She was the great Dante Hudson's daughter, who'd taught Kent Hart everything there was to know about football -- Dante's daughter, who was just about to learn everything there was to know about love.
Spirit of the Season
Spirit of the Season (1993)
From Publishers Weekly
Veteran romancer Graham ( Lord of the Wolves , etc.) provides a warmhearted piece of fluff that will appeal to readers who appreciate familiarity more than substance in their holiday fare. Set during the Christmas season and reminiscent of 1950s women's-magazine formula fiction, the tale profiles dauntlessly cheerful widow Becky Wexham, who raises her three young children and her recently orphaned nephew Davey in a ramshackle Victorian home in Florida. Becky's marriage was blissful, and she has resolutely turned her back on romance, believing that no eligible man would take on the four children who are now her first priority. So she concentrates on a series of part-time jobs and on encouraging Davey to fulfill his dream of making the Little League team. When a special coach helps the grieving youngster gain confidence in his abilities, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess that Davey isn't the only character whose dreams will come true by the end of this predictably sweet tale, which remains in the memory no longer than a Christmas candy cane lasts on the tongue.
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Suspicious (2005)
Lorena Fortier is in the Florida Everglades investigating her father's murder. Sparks fly between her and the Native American lawman responsible for the area as they try to uncover the mystery surrounding a series of deaths related to the local alligator farm.

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