Greenland, Shannon

Greenland, Shannon - Florida Authors
Discovering Veronica (2007)
Veronica Burns is looking for a fresh start and a new life on Amelia Island in Florida is just what the doctor ordered. With her new position as an Instructional Technologist at the elite Amelia Academy run by Dr. Rico DeAngelo, she focuses on her future. As Veronica acclimates to her new, independent lifestyle, strange and unsettling things begin to happen.
But it's not just her life being affected by these mysterious events. A stalker has targeted Veronica and Rico's six-year-old daughter. Haunted by their pasts and driven by their attraction to one another, danger draws them together. Trust is the one issue that has scarred them both, but trust is what they have to give each other in order to stay alive.

Greenland, Shannon - Florida Authors

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